Sorry for keep shamelessly plugging

Sorry for keep shamelessly plugging my crowd funder, I’m not very good at promoting myself, and I’m embarrassed that I am asking strangers to donate to me. Especially for something that could very well fail, and because there have been so many people on the internet who have taken advantage of good people as a con artist. anitacover2

I don’t think I am ever going to get used to asking for money, since I am someone who tries to be as independent as possible, and I am scared that I will get on everybody’s nerves, by keeping putting up the link.

Thank you for reading.

My Crowdfunder for my Mental Health Resource Hub Idea.

I am currently living with my parents due to having mental health problems, severe anxiety, agoraphobia, severe depression; and I have had a physical nervous breakdown seven years ago.

I want to made this site for the core reason that I think finding out about mental illnesses, your rights, and contacts can be a very long struggle. All the sites and charities don’t list many places that isn’t theirs, and most of them are not directly near where you live. Another reason is because, I want to help people concerning benefits, help when sanctioned such as foodbanks and other emergency help, as well as providing a connection and place for people to talk about their problems.

Due to my own experience with mental health, knowing how exhausting it can be hunting for information about services, and charities, especially for those who have mental health and their family members. As it can make you feel as though it is a hard time getting the support you need, where you feel you are not ill enough to get the assistance.


I would like to raise some money for a new computer, at the moment I have a very old laptop I am working from, which is 7 years old and very slow and is incapable of doing more than one or two tasks. I would like to use the new computer so I can work from home as a researcher, as well as make website like a hub for resources for mental health problems. In addition to making a safe place where people write about their conditions, get advice, and be in an understanding community.


I also want make handmade cards, draw art and pictures for my handmade cards, make podcasts, and maybe YouTube videos with my friend and guests from YouTube and charities and so on. As well as make videos about the history of mental health and how people with mental illness are treated around the world so we can talk about the topic.


I hope that once my local mental health team has accessed me, I will be able to get a benefit, which will provide some money to pay a support worker to go places with me, so I am able to travel around.


I know it is a lot of money to ask for, and I that I could do this for nothing or very little. On the contrary, this is a long-term project, which I am planning to take further, and move into my own community working in conjunction with those with mental health in the company of love and support.


The money will be used to buy an iMac, printer, and software to use to write scripts, make inserts for cards, and for my research on mental health. And to make animations (though not very), to use in videos to make more fun.


I also plan to sell cards, and other handmade gifts to raise money for my project, as well as for charities. I will sell some cards on EBay, and the money paid will go to different mental health charities, from all different countries, as well as the UK. When selling on Etsy, the money will go straight into projects, and for papers, information, thesis, academic papers behind pay walls. I would also like to pay the contributors back, as I feel this would be an appropriate thing to do, because I want to be as transparent and thankful as possible.


Eventually if this project is successful, I am hoping to use the money I get from cards, and other will be used to rent a place in my area, where people can come and talk, make friends, and find useful support in finding employment. To expand the help on the website, have and training staff in the local job centre or employment agencies as to how to communicate with people with mental health. Be a representative for clients, communicating with other charities in research and making sure people with mental health problems are able to live their lives as best as they can.

Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Computer for working at home, and to help people with mental health problems



The hidden ‘happiness gap’ in our communities


Download Measuring wellbeing inequality in Britain (March 2017)

We are launching this report at the Centre’s Annual Lecture, where Prof. John Helliwell will be speaking on the topic. To follow the discussions live on Twitter, you can use #WBlecture or @whatworksWB.

 Wellbeing inequality is a much better predictor of social trust than income inequality.  Given trust is such an important factor in creating cohesive, compassionate societies, it is important we do more work to understand what policies can lower wellbeing inequality.

Professor Helliwell

Wellbeing data tells us how people actually feel about their lives, whether they are thriving or struggling.  Using existing data about health, employment, education, crime and relationships – our wellbeing – in new ways, could help us explain everything from why we voted to leave the EU to what makes us trust our neighbours. But it leaves us grappling with fascinating, and vital, questions: does it matter if…

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Conservatism in a nutshell.

Politics and Insights

It’s not enough to challenge Tory ideology. We also have to defeat the “drum beat”. We have to defeat the Tory propaganda machine that persuades and lulls people with slogans, empty glittering generalities and glib catch-phrases.

You’ve heard those slogans – “less government”, “personal responsibility”, “hard-working families”, “making work pay” and lots of flag waving. These are shorthand for an entire world-view. But ever such a shabby, ruthless and paltry one.


The clue is in the name: the word “Tory” derives from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe, which means outlaw, robber or brigand, from the Irish word tóir, meaning “pursuit”, since outlaws were “pursued men”. It was originally used to refer to an Irish outlaw and later applied to Confederates or Royalists in arms. The term was originally one of abuse.

The Torieslive by plunder. They steal your taxes, your public services, your state provision and your labour, in…

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Unemployment and (re)employment: what works for wellbeing?


Download the second briefing in our Work and Wellbeing: What Works series, unemployment, (re)employment and wellbeing.

Kevin_Daniels3Kevin Daniels is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at University of East Anglia and leads the Work, Learning and Wellbeing evidence programme for our Centre. Here, he gives an overview of the findings from our latest systematic review into unemployment, (re)employment and wellbeing and digs deeper into the evidence.

Our latest systematic review looks at the impact of losing, changing and getting a job on our wellbeing. It might seem like a simple relationship – we need to work to pay rent, after all – but in reality our work often means more to us than income alone.

This means becoming unemployed, or finding work, impacts us in profound ways. And not just us as individuals: our families and communities are affected too.

When we asked members of the public, business leaders, trades unionists…

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What can children in the care system tell us about their wellbeing?

Professor Julie Selwyn is a Professor and Director of the Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies at the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol. Here, she shares the findings from the new report she co-authored, Our Lives, Our Care: Looked after children’s views on their well-being.

There were 70, 440 children in care in England as of 31 March 2016, according to the Department for Education. The majority of children enter care because of parental abuse and neglect and often enter with physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties as a result of traumatic experiences. Every year ‘outcome’ data are collected and published by the Department for Education on children’s educational achievements, offending, mental health, and number of teenage pregnancies.

Children’s experiences not heard across system

Generally, children in care do not achieve the same level of academic success as their peers and are much more…

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Poor working and social conditions are being propped up by the mass provision of CBT

Politics and Insights

freedomAccording to theCounsellor’s Guide to Working with EAP, by 2013, almost 50% of the UK workforce was supported by an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), representing 13.79 million people. The EAP industry began in the UK during the mid-1980s and has since become firmly established, with a rapid expansion in schemes following the recommendations made by Carol Black and David Frost in their report on sickness absence (Black & Frost, 2011). A high percentage of the larger public and private sector organisations and an increasing number of small to medium sized enterprises provide their employees with access to some form of short-term EAP service.  

The EAP association say, in their 2013 Market Watch report: “The difficult economic climate of the past five years may also be a driver, as employers look to support staff with non-work related issues to prevent these from intruding on the workplace.”


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Explosive: Labour’s OWN legal case says must expel Progress, Labour First etc

Explosive: Labour’s OWN legal case says must expel Progress, Labour First etc


The SKWAWKBOX has been covering a series of emails between Weaver Vale CLP (constituency Labour party) and Labour’s General Secretary, Iain McNicol, on the subject of damaging right-wing groups like Progress, Labour First, Saving Labour and others – and why their members are not expelled from the party.

mcnicol dishonourIn the most recent, dated the 13th of last month, McNicol attempted to avoid responsibility for taking action against those groups, who have relentlessly undermined the party and its leader, by claiming that the fact that they do not stand candidates against Labour, they were not in breach of the party’s rules.

The patent nonsense of that argument was pointed out brilliantly by Weaver Vale. But now new information has emerged that shows not only that McNicol’s argument is nonsense – but that at the same time, Labour was using the exact opposite argument in a court of law to expel a…

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Why Momentum members would not be affected by legal ‘other organisation’ expulsion

Why Momentum members would not be affected by legal ‘other organisation’ expulsion


Some readers have contacted the SKWAWKBOX with concerns that the legal precedent set by the Labour party – which directly contradicts General Secretary Iain McNicol’s attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the behaviour of groups such as Progress and Labour First – might also result in the expulsion of Momentum members.

momentum new logoWhile this possibility did of course occur to this writer, the letter from a Harrow West member was already on its way to McNicol, so the SKWAWKBOX article was not going to put the idea into his head.

However, in any case it’s extremely unlikely that the same legal precedent would apply to Momentum members, for at least two reasons:

Not a ‘political organisation’

Momentum, as it stands, would not qualify as a ‘political organisation’ in the terms of the Labour rule that the Party recently used to expel a Socialist Voice supporter – and is bound by its…

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Is this the ‘smoking gun’ of YouGov’s anti-Corbyn bias?

Is this the ‘smoking gun’ of YouGov’s anti-Corbyn bias?


It’s long been contended by supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that polls are biased against him – and in particular, polls by YouGov. Those supporters would agree with Peter Hitchens’ famous analysis of polls in general:

hitchens pollsYouGov was founded by Tory Minister Nadhim Zahawi and former ConservativeHome owner Stephan Shakespeare, so suspicions among left-wingers run high.

Labour and especially Corbyn supporters have long criticised YouGov’s polling, but the company tends to keep its methodology cards close to its chest. However, a poll published today is so weak, such a stretch that it’s hard to read it as anything other than an attempt to further damage Corbyn.

The poll is titled ‘A tale of two parties – what we learned from our Labour membership survey‘ and claims to contrast the attitudes of supporters of Corbyn and those of his challenger in the Labour leadership contest, Owen Smith –…

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Why is former Mirror/Mail political editor suddenly on Michael Dugher’s staff?

Why is former Mirror/Mail political editor suddenly on Michael Dugher’s staff?


Periodically, MPs’ staff members who hold a Westminster security pass have to publish details of their ‘interests’ – ways in which they might benefit from their privileged access – in a similar way to the ‘Register of Members’ Interests’ published by MPs.


A browse of this register has turned up some interesting information.

Vincent Moss is former political editor of the Daily Mirror. In 2015, he left the position and last summer he joined forces with a former News of the World counterpart to form Erudite PR, a PR firm “specialising in crisis PR and public affairs advice.

In the latest version of the register, published last week, Mr Moss’ name appears listed – as a staff-member of one Michael Dugher MP:

moss register.jpgIt’s not known whether Mr Moss is still…

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@Tom_Watson embarrasses himself re ‘left takeover’ – here’s the right’s mirror-plan

@Tom_Watson embarrasses himself re ‘left takeover’ – here’s the right’s mirror-plan


Have you got the feeling that Labour’s right wing is getting more desperate lately? From Unite leadership contender Gerard Coyne’s claim of a ‘Jewish exodus’ from his union to the orchestrated, pre-arranged ‘open goal’ nonsense after Corbyn’s Labour forced a historic u-turn from the Tories and he reduced her to a jibing mess at PMQs, the attempted smears by the right are getting more and more stretched and transparent.

The latest is deputy leader Tom Watson’s laughable attack on Momentum’s Jon Lansman (with dishonourable assistance from the woeful likes of Jess Phillips).

Watson took the ‘opportunity’ of a Guardian-released recording of what appears to be a Lansman telephone call, first to launch a Twitter assault and then to bleat on Radio 4’s Today programme:

watson lansman.jpgrob watson lansmanOf course, the first question this all raises is why Tom Watson appears happy to use a secret recording of someone’s private phone-call after his…

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