Sorry for keep shamelessly plugging

Sorry for keep shamelessly plugging my crowd funder, I’m not very good at promoting myself, and I’m embarrassed that I am asking strangers to donate to me. Especially for something that could very well fail, and because there have been so many people on the internet who have taken advantage of good people as a con artist. anitacover2

I don’t think I am ever going to get used to asking for money, since I am someone who tries to be as independent as possible, and I am scared that I will get on everybody’s nerves, by keeping putting up the link.

Thank you for reading.

My Crowdfunder for my Mental Health Resource Hub Idea.

I am currently living with my parents due to having mental health problems, severe anxiety, agoraphobia, severe depression; and I have had a physical nervous breakdown seven years ago.

I want to made this site for the core reason that I think finding out about mental illnesses, your rights, and contacts can be a very long struggle. All the sites and charities don’t list many places that isn’t theirs, and most of them are not directly near where you live. Another reason is because, I want to help people concerning benefits, help when sanctioned such as foodbanks and other emergency help, as well as providing a connection and place for people to talk about their problems.

Due to my own experience with mental health, knowing how exhausting it can be hunting for information about services, and charities, especially for those who have mental health and their family members. As it can make you feel as though it is a hard time getting the support you need, where you feel you are not ill enough to get the assistance.


I would like to raise some money for a new computer, at the moment I have a very old laptop I am working from, which is 7 years old and very slow and is incapable of doing more than one or two tasks. I would like to use the new computer so I can work from home as a researcher, as well as make website like a hub for resources for mental health problems. In addition to making a safe place where people write about their conditions, get advice, and be in an understanding community.


I also want make handmade cards, draw art and pictures for my handmade cards, make podcasts, and maybe YouTube videos with my friend and guests from YouTube and charities and so on. As well as make videos about the history of mental health and how people with mental illness are treated around the world so we can talk about the topic.


I hope that once my local mental health team has accessed me, I will be able to get a benefit, which will provide some money to pay a support worker to go places with me, so I am able to travel around.


I know it is a lot of money to ask for, and I that I could do this for nothing or very little. On the contrary, this is a long-term project, which I am planning to take further, and move into my own community working in conjunction with those with mental health in the company of love and support.


The money will be used to buy an iMac, printer, and software to use to write scripts, make inserts for cards, and for my research on mental health. And to make animations (though not very), to use in videos to make more fun.


I also plan to sell cards, and other handmade gifts to raise money for my project, as well as for charities. I will sell some cards on EBay, and the money paid will go to different mental health charities, from all different countries, as well as the UK. When selling on Etsy, the money will go straight into projects, and for papers, information, thesis, academic papers behind pay walls. I would also like to pay the contributors back, as I feel this would be an appropriate thing to do, because I want to be as transparent and thankful as possible.


Eventually if this project is successful, I am hoping to use the money I get from cards, and other will be used to rent a place in my area, where people can come and talk, make friends, and find useful support in finding employment. To expand the help on the website, have and training staff in the local job centre or employment agencies as to how to communicate with people with mental health. Be a representative for clients, communicating with other charities in research and making sure people with mental health problems are able to live their lives as best as they can.

Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Computer for working at home, and to help people with mental health problems



Newsrounds – Mental Health Week. 

The Mental Health Resource Hub

What is a mental health problem?

Author and poet
Michael Rosen


Welcome to this guide exploring why it can be hard to open up about mental health problems. Click on the play button above to see why we’re talking about this.

When people say mental health, they are talking about how people think and feel, and how they are coping with things happening in their life. It’s completely normal to feel sad, angry or worried from time to time. But when those feelings won’t go away and they start to really affect day-to-day life, that is when there can be a problem.

Many people with a mental health problem find it hard to talk about it. This guide looks at why that is and what you can do if you feel this is something that is affecting you.

Please read more at:

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Gendernomics: I’m Not Like Other Girls

Black Label Logic

This is post two that was inspired from the same thread regarding Emilia Clarke on the red pill reddit [1], the other being dedicated to means of communication. I’ve written much on the concept of differentiation in my posts on female sexual strategy, and I also cover it in the Gendernomics book. Differentiation as a concept can be summarized as “setting yourself apart from the competition” and good differentiation should rely on unique and hard to replicate attributes, thus also contributing to competitive advantage. The two generic strategies often being cited as low-cost, which attempts to compete based on producing a good or service cheaper than the competition, and differentiation, which is based in attempting to set oneself apart from the competition through other means than price.

One thing most men will find themselves hearing at least once from every woman they ever find themselves…

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Here’s a copy of Labour’s 2017 rulebook

Here’s a copy of Labour’s 2017 rulebook


It ought to be easy to find a copy of the current Labour rules online. It isn’t.

A democratic party ought to be very keen to encourage its members to get to grips with its rules and procedures. There is a link on Labour’s Membersnet site but it doesn’t work and hasn’t for some time. Occasionally, other organisations make a copy available, but the SKWAWKBOX hasn’t seen the 2017 rules on any of these sites.

labrules 2017This blog has been able to get hold of a PDF of the 2017 rulebook and is pleased to make it available to download for anyone who wants it. We encourage every member and supporter to read it and at least get a basic understanding of key sections, such as the rules for Conference delegates.

The document can be downloaded here: Rule Book 2017 Labour

Please share this article so everyone who wants the rule-book…

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Birmingham Labour confirms disenfranchisement of members

Birmingham Labour confirms disenfranchisement of members


The SKWAWKBOX has covered in some detail the unlawful plan by Birmingham Labour board to apply a ‘freeze date’ of July 2015 that will disenfranchise around two-thirds of Birmingham Labour members for six years, so that the right-wingers can continue to control candidate selections.

Almost all of the disenfranchised members will be Corbyn supporters.

Three CLPs (constituency Labour parties) and 9 branch parties passed resolutions against the measure and it’s clear that a majority of members in the area oppose it.

bham democracy.pngPart of a flyer created by local members asking for their democratic rights

A meeting took place last week to vote on the decision – by secret ballot, so that CLPs can’t even hold their representatives to account – and the freeze-date was ratified.

The decision shows that those currently running Birmingham Labour have respect neither for their members nor for the law, since the legal advice…

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Job-share ‘against Labour rules’ – how does that promote women’s involvement?

Job-share ‘against Labour rules’ – how does that promote women’s involvement?


no jobshare.pngA follower of the SKWAWKBOX has contacted the blog with details of a situation of some concern. Her BLP (branch Labour party, a sub-group of the constituency Labour party or CLP) elected her to its executive as a joint-Secretary, because the candidates wanted to share the responsibility – which is not insignificant.

The CLP executive objected and referred the matter to the regional Labour HQ. On Friday, she received the following from the CLP Chair:

jobshare.pngIt appears Labour HQ considers that sharing a role on a branch or constituency ‘exec’ is a breach of the rules – one deserving of ‘further action’.

Labour has a stated aim of increasing the involvement of women at all levels, but banning a ‘job-share’ mitigates against the involvement of women, who are more likely to need shared roles because of family responsibilities.

The SKWAWKBOX would be surprised if the party’s position would stand…

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Labour right’s one-delegate scam has no basis in the party’s rules

Labour right’s one-delegate scam has no basis in the party’s rules


The SKWAWKBOX has learned from a huge number of sources that many CLP ‘execs’ (constituency Labour party executive committees – the Chair, Secretary etc) are forcing their CLP this year to only send a single delegate to the Party’s annual Conference in Brighton this autumn.

mcdonnell-conferenceThis appears to be happening almost exclusively in the many CLPs where the majority of the members are pro-Corbyn but the exec – either inherited or else kept that way by various tactics or subterfuges – is anti-Corbyn.

It also appears beyond reasonable doubt that it is a tactic intended to help the right defeat the McDonnell Amendment, which is intended to make sure left-leaning members have a good candidate to vote for in future leadership elections.

The number of delegates a CLP sends to Conference is important for at least two reasons. Firstly, while in theory a single delegate votes with…

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Civil war brewing between Progress and Labour First?

Civil war brewing between Progress and Labour First?


The SKWAWKBOX has long treated Progress and Labour First as virtually one and the same – as indeed they are, as far as their antipathy toward Jeremy Corbyn and his vision for the Labour Party are concerned.

But it appears that all is not peaceful behind the scenes, with the key area of conflict centred on different underlying attitudes toward the EU and Brexit – and toward deputy Labour leader Tom Watson.

cywjimiw8aaabta1Tom Watson centre-stage at last year’s Labour First conference

The SKWAWKBOX had an astonishing telephone conversation today with a senior member of the Progress 100 club – the Progress ‘inner circle’ of wealthy supporters who pay substantial additional membership fees for privileged access.

The caller – who not surprisingly did not wish to be named – launched into a diatribe against Watson, then switched his fire unexpectedly – and brutally – to Labour First:

We’re taking the party back from…

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BBC Westminster Hour discussing #EmilyforDeputy

BBC Westminster Hour discussing #EmilyforDeputy


When the SKWAWKBOX broke the news last week that Emily Thornberry is considering a challenge against Tom Watson for the Labour deputy leader position, the right-wing response was the predictable ‘fake news’ smear.

emily.pngFuture Labour Deputy Leader?

Well, the challenge has enough substance that it was referred to by the BBC’s Westminster Hour as part of its preamble to an interview with Ms Thornberry this evening, so it looks like the mainstream media playing catch-up to the SKWAWKBOX again.

And, far more importantly, that the eminently suitable Ms T is poised for a challenge as soon as the nominations – already at over 35 of the 50 required to force a contest – are lined up, just as this blog revealed.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you found this information helpful and can afford to, please 

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Coyne’s ‘dirty tricks’ on apartments and what he’d rather you forget

Coyne’s ‘dirty tricks’ on apartments and what he’d rather you forget


Voting in the contest for the General Secretary’s position in the Unite union has opened today and Unite members should receive ballot papers shortly.

The SKWAWKBOX has made no secret of its recommendation of Len McCluskey as a union leader who understands the critical role unions – and Unite is the UK’s biggest – in not just industrial disputes and negotiations but also in the wider political and social scene.

Coyne, by contrast, imagines a Trump-like isolationism for Unite, claiming to want to pull back from any involvement in Labour politics – although even in this he’s been more than ready to depart from his principles when the right wing of the party has needed his support.

glasshousestone.pngCoyne, Watson and Simon – a fragile edifice?

Party politics is not the only area in which Mr Coyne has been willing to forget principles if he sees a short-term political gain in…

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‘No holds barred’ fact-check from McCluskey team as #Unite polls open

‘No holds barred’ fact-check from McCluskey team as #Unite polls open


mccluskeyLen McCluskey

The SKWAWKBOX has received a statement from Len McCluskey’s campaign team for release as polls open today in the election of Unite’s next General Secretary. It pulls no punches:

As ballots begin to fall through letterboxes for the Unite General Secretary election, members deserve to have reliable information, not ‘alternative facts’, to hand while making their choice.

Vibrant election campaigns are part of the lifeblood of a healthy union, and seeing candidates put forward alternative visions for Britain’s biggest trade union is always an exciting part of an activist’s calendar. But this campaign has been marked by a number of misleading or demonstrably false claims from Gerard Coyne’s campaign, not just attacking Len McCluskey but damage Unite’s democracy as a whole. This is a quick fact-checker to ensure the record is set straight as ballots drop.

Claim: Len McCluskey is more interested in Labour politics than members Fact:…

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