Month: July 2015

Social justice what does it actually mean?

Social justice what does it actually mean?

The question is on the tip of tongue of everyone with logic.

Is it that these people claiming to be standing for so called social justice are ashamed of their over privileged lives?

Or is it that maybe they are jealous of the fact we have experienced more than them?

It goes without saying that this rape culture they keep on about is nothing but overrated and a cry for attention. As a person who has been sexually abused and raped I do not use it as a card of victimization or victimhood. I do hate talking about it and get upset, but I would never try claim the things the social justice warriors are claiming.

I have been accused of using that and my depression, PTSD, anxiety as a way of being a victim by someone who was a woman, telling me that I don’t need to take medication which I stupidly did and it made things worse.

At the time I was helping her write her fan fiction, and she was calling me at 5am or earlier in the morning and we would be on there for hours. With the lack of a decent night’s sleep, I became paranoid and very touchy. I have always been that way; my Nan was the same as I have inherited her mental health problems. We had an altercation which seemed to be because I wasn’t reading her notes properly. I was exhausted at the time, and with my sleep was in a terrible routine, and not taking my meds. She threw that accusation at me, as well as some others like I live rent free because of my parents and other things that I will not mention due to being off topic.

This I find is always being said by women. Yes there are men who say it, but 9 out of 10 times it is thrown around by women. I am not shaming women, but this is the experience I have had all my life.

To me, as a woman I have noticed throughout the years that women are and have always been their own worse enemy, always bitching about each other and how much better they are to someone else. This develops early on in life, when little girls become aware of their own selves, and are learning to adapt in the world around them. It is kind of an unconscious thing, a selfish thing as you will. A little girl won’t play with their friend because she is friends with someone she doesn’t like, or not a part of their group. On the other hand, she likes something she doesn’t like and you associated with someone who doesn’t hold the same opinions.

It becomes worse when people get older and women become bitchier.

At Secondary school or high school it intensifies slightly more, with students going through puberty and learning how to become more grownup this attitude and behavior becomes worse.

Clique culture is what happens and the Mean Girls mentality is one of the most dangerous and unhealthy, it’s something that forms naturally as people with similar interests form an identity within. However it can result in backstabbing and infighting when someone or a few people do not like what one person has said or has done.

The social justice warriors are the same, but instead of growing out of it as they become adults, they stay with this mentality clinging to this identity because they they are unable mentally to find their own selves. Hence, this is in my opinion why they cling on to the PTSD and all the other mental health problems.

But there is also background influences from home, when your family have treated you like a special snowflake and pouring unlimited amounts of money on you, and have never disciplined you. Every little thing you want, or want to do from week to week is funded until you find it boring and move on to something new.

Another could be that academia has been quietly forcing social justice issues onto students; especially with this everyone is a winner that was brought in a few years after I left school. Now this could be because the world is now changing into a global government and so these academics are training the young into thinking this way, and the fact they have identity issues causes this type if behavior we are seeing from the Social Justice Warriors are using to make themselves feel special.

However it could be because these women and men are clinging to feminism because it makes them seem like they are anarchists, and they are outcasts to society.

In my experience is my mental health made me an outcast of society.


A late night rant made at 3am – The Tories are scum!

2cwtmrcThe Tories are fucking scum!

We need a revolution, a fight between good and evil, we need to speak up for those who are unable to, and we need to fight for our basic human rights.

One day we will wake up to world where we are no more than slaves for the rich and powerful will. Right now, we are on our way to this future, Iain Duncan Smith, David Cameron, George Osborne, and there company of goons sweeping the poor into a big hole and are slowly covering it over a bit at a time.

The vulnerable people like you and I are going to be used and abused, while the Tory bastards are sitting watching and laughing at us. As they, point and say look at those scrounging good for nothings.

People can’t you see how the Tories are causing a class war? They are scaring the middle class and working poor into thinking they might end up like us, how they are lucky not to be us.

They want us to lots of jobs or find higher paying ones, where the fuck do you find a higher paying job? Well, unless you are qualified with a degree from fucking Eton, and other well to do colleges, where they are living in mummy and daddies purse strings giving them exuberant amounts of money to start their own businesses.

No, we’re the slaves that are expected to be working two or more jobs just to make ends meet. Trying to feed families, pay bills for the basic necessities and keep a roof over your head.

People on ESA fair no better, because the great oaf himself, a man who can never contain his gleeful smirk, stigmatizes us. Iain Duncan Smith.

If you are disabled, ill, or have mental health problems, well don’t worry they will make us work. Oh yes they will.

People with mental health problems are meant to be better off at work for their wellbeing. That is what I keep hearing from my advisor at Maximus. I cannot count how many times I have heard this propaganda thrown out repeatedly during workshops and one to ones. This usually consists of five people doing the same confidence workshops every other week, writing down the same old shit about the benefits of working, and our barriers. Which are never listened to when my advisor does one of her propaganda speeches that you know has been drilled into her head and she can repeat it in her sleep.

This same woman believes that I do not have mental health problems, but rather this is all confidence, and I am using my depression, anxiety, mental health issues, and PTSD as a crutch. Yes, she said this as if I was making up my depression and anxiety. Another thing that the Tories have brainwashed her with more lies and crap from their guru in mental health. Expected to be like JSA claimants and have incentives to work, especially when most people on ESA are on the benefit because of mental health reasons.

Society is going down. One day the super elites are going to biologically engineer their child to be perfect without any defects. One day we could be killed to keep the numbers in the population down.

Okay that sounds like a tin foil hat of conspiracy going on, especially with not sleeping and all. I do get very paranoid when I don’t sleep, at the same time this is a build of everything up that has being going on for  while.

But if Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kayne can engineer a son. What is stopping this becoming the norm?

Hell this could be going on without anyone knowing?

Meaning people like me with depression, anxiety, mental health problems, and physically and mentally disabled people are being targeted by people and if they do engineer babies they would definitely eradicate all defects.

CBP-7252 CBP-7256

Hello world!

This is my very first post.

I’ve been thinking of blogging for a very long time, but have felt very shy doing it because I thought people might not like it.

I like writing and I write a lot in notebooks about my experience with mental health. I have as many have with these things been very stigmatized by people throughout my life.

And I am fed up with the Tories making it worse, they are completely out of line with their policies and cuts on the poor. Especially when I am someone who claims ESA, and have suffered a physical nervous breakdown. Which I will explain in my later posts.

I hope you enjoy my rants and ramblings about everything, and please let me know if I have said anything rude, horrible, or upsetting.