Month: September 2015

Monsanto ‘Deliberately Covered Up Data’ Proving Glyphosate is Cancerous for 4 Decades


Source:Natural Society
Date: 30 September 2015
Author: Christina Sarich

A key sign we need truly independent testing

What will it take to shut down Monsanto’s doors irrevocably? Likely it will be the same type of lawsuit that finally pulled the shades on the tobacco industry. If Big Tobacco eventually had to pay a $206 billion settlement over 25 years for lying about the health impacts of cigarettes, what do you think Monsanto will have to pay for lying about glyphosate’s carcinogenic nature for almost 40 years?

Some well-respected researchers are now saying that Monsanto demanded incriminating data and reports be sealed and locked away from public scrutiny as proprietary trade secrets, though they knew these documents would reveal glyphosate’s carcinogenic nature.

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Launch of the permanent archival exhibition “A EUROPEAN LIBERAL ARTS UNIVERSITY” tomorrow



Tomorrow at 7PM the permanent archival exhibition  “A EUROPEAN LIBERAL ARTS UNIVERSITY” is launched at Bard College Berlin. According to our website this is what you can expect:

Encompassing archive photographs, publications, and other materials, the exhibition tells the story of the college’s development as a pioneering liberal arts institution in Germany over its 16 years of existence. Introductory remarks will be given by the team who worked on the project. Guests will be able to take guided tours, peruse archive materials, and learn about the history of the college.

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At the End of the Day: Home

Sasson Hann


Ok, I am about to step away now.

I had a reality check today. I’m basically housebound in that I only leave the house now when I absolutely have to. From day to day I wander around, and around. I do the same things, speak to the same people, try to cope with the enormity of what I’m facing, whilst very aware of other people’s experiences of life, and saying a little prayer that they will come through all of this too.

A dear reader; you know who you are, told me something of their background today; it is very sad and soul destroying. I wish that I was well, so that you and your mum could come for a little break. I live in a semi rural area, in social housing, but the house looks out over the Cheshire Plains.

It’s been the only thing that’s kept me going…

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Elderly Visitor at Florence Federal Correctional Institute’s (FCI) Satellite Camp Falls and Sustains Injury During Visiting Hours Despite A Just Cause’s Attempts to Alert the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) of the Risks

Social Action 2014

A Just Cause
September 29, 2015 06:00 ET

Elderly Visitor at Florence Federal Correctional
Institute’s (FCI) Satellite Camp Falls and Sustains Injury During
Visiting Hours Despite A Just Cause’s Attempts to Alert the Bureau of
Prisons (BOP) of the Risks

During a June 2015 DC Trip, A Just Cause Executives
Were Removed From BOP Offices; BOP May Face Suit From Injured Visitor at
Florence Satellite Camp After Sustaining Injuries From a Fall

DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – September 29, 2015) – During
visiting hours on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at Florence Federal
Correctional Institute’s Satellite Camp, Sarah Harper, a visitor to the
camp, fell out of a plastic chair after the legs buckled and gave way.
Harper, a 68 year old woman, felt excruciating pain in her lower back
after her chair suddenly gave way. Prison officials called an ambulance.
Initially, prison officials
asked Harper if she would prefer…

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Emails and Cameras

Emails and Cameras



Welcome to this post about yesterday at James and Sons. I also have some pictures from King’s Lynn and a few links to share.


Today there were two bulk emails to dispatch., The first was a straight forward email to everyone living within a sensible distance of the locations concerned about the two fairs that James and Sons take part in every month. The second, following instructions relayed by a colleague was a targeted email about our auction for buyers of Medals and Militaria. I chose as well as altering the strapline of the email to create a new graphic featuring military themed items only , and as a matter of necessity I very carefully made sure that the list of recipients for this email did not include any of those who had received the one I sent out on Friday. Here are the images involved…


This was the image I decided to use. This was the…

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Why Disabled People Will Celebrate When IOS9 Brings Ad Blocking To Mobile Devices

Same Difference

We’ve all been there: we want to shop online, find a new recipe for supper, catch up on the latest news or watch a video – only to be dazzled by a moving, blinking or flashing advert. These “autoplaying” ads are annoying for most internet users, but for those with disabilities or long-term conditions, they make those websites largely inaccessible.

For people with photosensitive epilepsy, frequently flashing or flickering images could trigger or increase the risk of a seizure, while automatic advertising can be distressing for those with learning disabilities because it hinders concentration and therefore comprehension of the content they are trying to consume.

Blind and visually impaired people can also have problems. “If you are blind or visually impaired and using text to speech software on your device, autoplaying animations or video that includes music or audio makes some web pages all but impossible to access,” says Robin…

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