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BRITAIN:’ Ministers ‘broke promises’ made to Remploy workers ‘

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#AceNewsReport – Oct.31:.A former Remploy trade union rep has spoken out over “broken promises” made by the Tories to hundreds of disabled workers they made redundant.

James Stribley, who was the GMB convenor at the Leeds factory, issued a moving letter yesterday to mark the second anniversary of the factory’s final closure.

Ministers promised that they would support workers to find “mainstream” jobs after closing the factories, which had been established by the 1945 Labour government to provide work for service people left disabled by war injuries.

But in a letter to fellow union members, Mr Stribley exposed the reality of life for the 2,000 former Reploy workers.

He wrote: “Of the disabled people that worked for Remploy, very few are working and the ones that are are on short hours or zero hours. The rest are stuck on benefits.

“Promises have been made by many but have failed to…

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Just Sittin’ Around!

A Dog's Life? (Stories of me and him)

The Town of Oakville has a nice little harbour which is very popular with local boat enthusiasts. More importantly to us, it allows us to vary our walks with Ray as we weave our way to the downtown area for personal business and/or to simply allow Ray to visit his “biscuit giving friends” at the TD Bank and Lululemon!

We can be in a lakeside park within 10 minutes of leaving home and then follow a trail which takes us along the lake’s edge, up some wood steps which go up to a kind of “lookout” over the harbor entrance area. From there, there are a number of ways to get back down to ground level and into town. Because Ray has always seemed to be particularly happy on trails, we recently used this route.

The whole area near the harbor has been undergoing a renovation and, as the day…

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‘Secret’ Tory plans for £8bn in welfare cuts exposed by Danny Alexander | Politics | The Guardian

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Exclusive: Lib Dem chief secretary accuses Tories of ‘trying to con the British people’ by concealing until after the election plans for major reforms to child benefits and child tax credits

This post is from April 2015 just before the General Election, and it clearly shows exactly what the CONservatives were trying to keep a lid on in reference to their Benefit cuts made after the won, by a margin and to their own surprise, the election campaign. Remember the Tories want to take £12 Billion from Welfare, and the Working & Child Tax Credit cuts that were stopped by the Lords, only account for £4.5 Billion. Just where will they take the other £8 Billion from, thats the scary thought that seems to be ignored. God help us all.

Source: ‘Secret’ Tory plans for £8bn in welfare cuts exposed by Danny Alexander | Politics | The Guardian

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The government response to the WOW petition is irrational incoherent nonsense on stilts

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The Government  has persistently ignored calls for a full assessment of the impact of Welfare, Social Care and NHS reform on disabled people and their families. The number of households with a disabled family member living in “absolute poverty” increased by 10% between 2013 and 14. Absolute poverty isn’t the same as relative deprivation – our more usual measure of poverty, Absolute poverty means that people can’t meet their basic needs, such as access to food, fuel or shelter.

Since the WOW petition collected 104,000 signatures, the Government has claimed the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) have said it was too difficult to do a Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA), the IFS subsequently contradicted the claim and said it could be done. EHRC and the Social Security Advisory Committee have also called for a CIA of how cuts have affected disabled people and their families. A CIA  undertaken by Landman Economics…

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