Month: December 2015

Welfare sanctions can’t possibly “incentivise” people to work

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0_0_0_0_370_308_csupload_52703375 Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

A summary

The Conservative-led welfare “reforms” had the stated aim of ensuring that benefit claimants – who have been stigmatised and inaccurately redefined as economic free-riders are entitled to a minimum income provided that they uphold responsibilities, which entail being pushed into any available work. Conditionality for social security has been around as long as the welfare state. Eligibility criteria have always been an intrinsic part of the benefits system. For example, to qualify for jobseekers allowance, a person has to be out of work, able to work, and seeking employment.

But in recent years welfare conditionality has become conflated with severe financial penalities (sanctions), and has mutated into an ever more stringent, complex, demanding set of often arbitrary requirements, involving frequent and rigid jobcentre appointments, meeting job application targets, providing evidence of job searches and mandatory participation in workfare schemes. The emphasis…

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Would it be okay if i came back in the new year?

Sorry I know I said I was coming back next week, but a lot of things have been going on. Mum’s been to my maximus appointment and gave him a good talking to which I will tell you in a blog.

I have had the flu, and not been very well at all. Tonight I have been sick and used the bathroom too many times.

But I will try and come back soon, I miss you terribly and reading your excellent blogs.

After Christmas I will have hopefully got my mental health to some neutral level. Also I noticed that my email folders are full to the brim, and I have been missing emails. So I am in the process of cleaning them out, but one folder has 250,000 plus messages. Which is a pain in the bottom, but hopefully I can get it down to something reasonable soon.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! I hope you all get everything you want and more!