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Welfare sanctions can’t possibly “incentivise” people to work

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0_0_0_0_370_308_csupload_52703375 Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

A summary

The Conservative-led welfare “reforms” had the stated aim of ensuring that benefit claimants – who have been stigmatised and inaccurately redefined as economic free-riders are entitled to a minimum income provided that they uphold responsibilities, which entail being pushed into any available work. Conditionality for social security has been around as long as the welfare state. Eligibility criteria have always been an intrinsic part of the benefits system. For example, to qualify for jobseekers allowance, a person has to be out of work, able to work, and seeking employment.

But in recent years welfare conditionality has become conflated with severe financial penalities (sanctions), and has mutated into an ever more stringent, complex, demanding set of often arbitrary requirements, involving frequent and rigid jobcentre appointments, meeting job application targets, providing evidence of job searches and mandatory participation in workfare schemes. The emphasis…

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Would it be okay if i came back in the new year?

Sorry I know I said I was coming back next week, but a lot of things have been going on. Mum’s been to my maximus appointment and gave him a good talking to which I will tell you in a blog.

I have had the flu, and not been very well at all. Tonight I have been sick and used the bathroom too many times.

But I will try and come back soon, I miss you terribly and reading your excellent blogs.

After Christmas I will have hopefully got my mental health to some neutral level. Also I noticed that my email folders are full to the brim, and I have been missing emails. So I am in the process of cleaning them out, but one folder has 250,000 plus messages. Which is a pain in the bottom, but hopefully I can get it down to something reasonable soon.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! I hope you all get everything you want and more!


We Have Money For War But Not For The Poor

We are going to be the next North Korea

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I’ve just seen that advert for Crisis At Christmas which asks people to donate money to help homeless people get a roof over their head at this time of year (and all year round) and I am feeling so angry.

We have money for war and bombs but we don’t have money to help the poor, the homeless and the sick.

David Cameron and George Osborne says we need to tighten our belts but by the they mean the poor “tightening their belts” by being stripped of their meagre incomes, starved and killed by cuts to welfare and public services.

It means the unemployed, the sick and the disabled being subjected to benefit sanctions which leaves them with no money for food and heating and needing to rely on food banks and pay day loan companies to survive.

It’s making the poorest and most vulnerable in our society pay for…

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Result of My WCA

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Ok so the result of my Work Capability Assessment has come back and I have been placed in the support group.

This means I no longer have to attend the Work Programme with Maximus and I saw them for the last time today and handed them my letter confirming my switch to the support group.

And this is all I am saying on this matter.

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Poverty And Starvation Is The Biggest Threat To The Poor Not Obesity

Tell Katie Hopkins

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This morning on breakfast TV I am seeing shocking sensationalised headlines about obesity and how it is in one Doctor’s opinion and even bigger threat to us than terrorism.

The response to this is to ban advertising and impose more restrictions on fatty foods.

The media is often dominated by shock stories of an obesity “epidemic” and how we the general public are stuffing our faces with fatty, sugary and unhealthy foods and not giving a damn about the damage it does to our health and that of our children.

But whilst these sensationalised headlines about us eating too much and too much bad foods go on we live in a country with food banks and where people cannot afford to feed themselves and their children.

We live in a country where social inequality is rising and where the poor cannot afford to put food on their tables. We are…

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Mum Sanctioned For Taking Son To Hospital

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Just seen this on Twitter and I am seething.

What’s even worse is that she appealed but lost and the DWP added two weeks onto the sanction.

That this can happen in modern Britain shows we are living in the dark ages. Shame on those at the DWP who did this, shame on them all!

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Sick Of The Star Wars Corporate Gravy Train

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It’s nearly Christmas and apart from us being bombarded by Christmas advertising we are also being hit by the hype for the new Star Wars film which opens in cinemas tomorrow.

I want to go and see it but already I am actually sick of it as the marketing has been out of control. Every other ad on TV is for Star Wars and almost every company have products branded by the movie.

I understand marketing is a big part of promoting movies but it just gets to the point where it gets silly and it seems the movie studios and the companies are just being greedy trying to milk every last penny out of the film.

And it comes just before Christmas when hard up parents are already under pressure to buy presents for their children and with all this hype and advertising for Star Wars The Force Awakens well…

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Don’t Feel Sorry For Jose

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The news is dominated by the sacking of the Chelsea football manager José Mourinho.

Chelsea are struggling in the league and are near the bottom of the table and although they won the title under Mourinho last season that now counts for nothing as he has been dismissed for his side’s poor showing so far this season.

But we shouldn’t feel to sorry for José, he will probably get a big pay off by Chelsea which means he won’t have to worry about how he is going to pay his bills.

But more the point he will not have to go and sign on Job Seekers Allowance and be subjected to the endless threat of benefit sanctions.

He will not face being placed on the work Programme where he will be made to look for work for 30 hours a week and face having his income taken away if he…

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Leytonstone Stabbing

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Tonight I am in shock after hearing that someone has been stabbed in Leytonstone tube station by a knife wielding scumbag who shouted “This is for Syria!”

Leytonstone is just around half an hour away from where I live and something’s  like this happening so close to home is really shocking and terrifying.

Already there are some people on Twitter saying that this horrifying incident is the “inevitable consequence” of our country’s decision to bomb Syria.

But our government going to war on Syria can never be explained as reason for someone randomly stabbing an innocent member of the public anywhere let alone in a tube station.

I am against us bombing Syria and against our government’s horrible and murderous foreign policy but this appalling crime is one of a horrible and violent individual who clearly has the capacity to attack someone with a knife regardless of whether we are…

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Rushing To Label Leytonstone Stabber Mentally Ill Is Offensive

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There are people saying that the man who stabbed several people at Leytonstone tube station whilst shouting “This is for Syria” is mentally unwell.

Sorry but this is a massive jumps to conclusion and the rush to say he had mental illness is offensive to people with mental illnesses.

It further perpetuates the stigma of people with mental health problems as violent, dangerous and a threat to other members of the pubic.

We cannot say he is mentally unwell as we just don’t know this to be the case. We have to wait until a trial to find out exactly what, if anything, motivated him to carry out this appalling attack and if it comes out in this trial that he had a history of mental illness then maybe we can discuss this.

But to rush to say he is mentally ill is just wrong and stigmatises mental health problems…

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