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Feminist WARS: The Farce awakens: Transcript


Many thanks to Linda for supplying this transcript!

[0:00] Thunderf00t: What’s that? Anita Sarkeesian was invited to talk at a conference on digital ethics? Really? Are we talking about the same Anita Sarkeesian who says this about piracy:

[0:13] “Why we need you Veronica Mars”: “That said, you should go out immediately and BitTorrent, pirate, rent, buy—whatever you have to do to watch Veronica Mars.”

[0:20] Thunderf00t: -and the one who laments that third parties cannot flag things as harassment—which means that it was Anita who saw these tweets and thought they were so offensive that they warranted flagging someone off Twitter, and it couldn’t have been third parties.

[0:37] Thankfully, after I was initially suspended, Twitter very quickly saw the light and reinstated my account.

[0:44] Look, Anita, let me explain why random third parties cannot flag stuff for ‘harassing’ someone else. First and foremost, it’s a blank cheque…

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This is What Democracy Looks Like

The End of Capitalism

This is What Democracy Looks Like is the definitive documentary about the 1999 Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization. Shot from the perspective of organizers, this film shows how the most iconic event of the (successful) movement against corporate globalization was created, day-by-day. We follow students, labor, environmentalists, and everyone seeking global justice as they brave police violence in order to shut down the Seattle Trade Summit, which led eventually to the collapse of the WTO. Creative visuals, hot beats, protest footage and powerful interviews combine into a very inspiring form of art – reminding us that when regular people come together, they can change the course of history. WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

[This is Part 1 of 11 – make sure to click the Up-Arrow button to watch the rest!]

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From Seattle to Detroit: 10 Lessons for Movement Building on the 10th Anniversary of the WTO Shutdown

The End of Capitalism

Wonderful essay by Stephanie Guilloud on the shifting sands of movement strategy in the wake of the high-tide of the Global Justice Movement, which in Seattle articulated a world beyond capitalism that was not controlled by corporate giants and corrupt governments, but built by democratic cooperation of communities all around the world.

The Seattle direct actions shut down the World Trade Organization for a weekend in 1999, because the WTO had been spreading the corporate agenda across the planet, and this began a string of movement victories that shut down the WTO permanently – by delegitimizing the organization and emboldening Global South nations to refuse rich countries’ poverty-spreading deals and abandon its negotiations.

Now, as Global South nations lead the call for justice in Copenhagen and as we gear up for the US Social Forum in Detroit next summer, it’s a great time to look back at the lessons the…

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A question to Social Justice feminism

I asked the question I am going to ask here to prominent social justice feminists, because I was interested in what they were going to say, as well as trying to highlight the danger of their behaviors and hierarchy.

I asked: Do you think it is dangerous for girls have been raped and abused to be a social justice warriors? Especially since they keep talking about the hate of men, and the fact that they keep on about rape culture? These women or girls might cause serious harm to a man, because of all the mixed up feelings and vulnerability she has. Do you also think it might be dangerous because of the whole Oppression Olympics, that they might feel under valued, due to some being more oppressed than them?

Isn’t it dangerous to make these girls feel even more victimized and powerless when they are already feeling this way?

I thought Feminism is meant to be able empowering women?

I know this might sound like a stupid question(s) to ask, but I worry for the vulnerable girls that really have been raped and abused in the past, and most likely to be persuaded to join the cause. They could be mentally unstable already due to PTSD (real PTSD, not the fake kind SJW’s use like tossing sweets out), they probably have depression too.

Take Cologne for instance, SJW’s are saying that the rapists are oppressed because of their religion and skin colour, however to the girl who has been raped, could be so confused by that. And then find herself angry inside, but because she is part of a group, and scared of being shunned out, she stays and pretends to agree.

This worries me, not because of projection, but because that girl is either going to be so brainwashed, that something is going to happen like a mass shooting or something. Or the girl is going to hate herself so much, that she decides to kill herself.

And what is going to be said to the family, who are going to hear about this? Would she be close to them, or be estranged because of her being a social justice warrior, and trying to push the agenda onto him, and push them away? The family knowing that something like this was going to happen, but they could not get it through to her, because she was so brainwashed.

I wish I could help these girls see the light, I wish I was psychologist so I look after them.

Sorry for going on about this, I know I have been going on about Social Justice Warriors, but I feel this needs to be said.

Maximus group session for writing CV’s, a real waste of time.

But I did find out some things too, like the total lack of knowledge Maximus advisors have about their jobs.

But let’s first start with the CV group session, that was not really helpful and not actually stated on the appointment letter, however was mandatory. Something that I feel Iain Duncan Smith is trying to push the people with mental health into work, because he is a psychopathic sociopath.

There was only 9 people who showed up including me, there was meant to be 30 people, but only few showed up possibly because they knew it was bullshit and propaganda.

The group session was late starting, they took an hour to set up the projector and to get started. So we were all sitting there bored out of our brains watching the clock, and hoping they were going to cancel the session so we could go back home to do something more productive.

Mr Loverman kept walking back and forth with a woolly hat and glasses, even though the place was heated so much that I thought I was going to faint, he wasn’t exactly using his people skills either. Oh no, we didn’t even get an update as to how long they were going to be, until 10 minutes before they were about to start.

He did lay on food, sandwiches, biscuits, drinks, and sweets, everything a person needs to fill themselves up with because of boredom. Coffee served in plastic water cups, layered.

We finally go in, when Mr Loverman calls us over. Projector ready with the words in bolded text: Making a good CV. Started playing some get to know you games, before delving into the meat.

Now this whole CV thing has me wondering, she said we have to make CV’s around the jobs, I told asked her about using these CV’s for job searching on Universal Job Match. However I was told, like a child who is dumb and needs a dunce hat that this was for private job matching. But as I checked on Universal Job match, you have to upload your CV, so I’m guessing you have to. Then again, people from Maximus are liars, so I shouldn’t be surprised by this. Anything that is attached with the DWP or the government, I do not trust at all.

The whole thing is was just a propaganda rally, and it’s got me worried.

Though a good thing did happen s I said above, a woman from head office actually did something about my Wellbeing survey. Though it will be with Shaw Trust, and I have no idea what they are going to do. However Monday mum is going to be taking me to the Job Centre to see what they can do, as we have not heard anything from the DWP about an assessment to be put on Support ESA.

Mum said she wants to try and help me get a job from home researching, and help me to try and get out more, an get access to work grant so I can have someone to go out with me. She also wants to try and get social services, a CPN, and support worker to try and help, whether this will happen because the Tories are cutting everything let and right. IT would be a nice dream though.

But I know mum will fight for everything.

I will let you know how everything goes, I’m sorry it has taken me a long time to write this blog. I’ve just been very down, and not wanting to do anything, or stopping myself from hurting myself so bad I won’t wake up.

Thank you guys for being wonderful, and to all my new follower.


DEFAMED! No, Actually.

DEFAMED! No, Actually.

The Weird Turn Professional

The right wing; first to clutch the constitution and threaten to kill you to protect it, first to drag you into court and sue you for practicing your first amendment rights.

December 1st, 2013 is a date I won’t ever forget. I commented on a post on conservative celebrity Brian Kolfage’s Facebook page, and all hell broke loose. For the next year and a half, I found myself fighting off legions of violent and psychopathic right wingers, seeking to punish me in Brian Kolfage’s name.

Then in June of 2014, Brian Kolfage decided to sue me for “defamation.” By September 11th 2015, I was dismissed with prejudice, never having stepped foot in a court room. And Brian Kolfage should be thanking whatever god he worships we never did, because he would have wound up bankrupt and in jail. Wanna know why?

It’s a long story, involving multiple parties and multiple…

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Big Up the NHS

There is a question that has been troubling me for some time now. I think I have worked out the answer but if I am right it is deeply disturbing.

Why does our government have such a fixation about providing a 7 day elective (non emergency) NHS?

Now let me be perfectly clear about this. They are talking about non emergency services – getting your family planning advice on a Saturday afternoon and your varicose vein operation on a Sunday morning. Cameron was unequivocal in his speech to the Tory Spring Conference in Manchester last year. He said “with a future Conservative government, we would have a truly 7 day NHS” and that “everyone will have access to the NHS services they need 7 days a week by 2020 – the first country in the world to make this happen”.

Let me also be perfectly clear that the proposed changes…

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Twitter- users Vs social justice warriors?

There seems to be terms and conditions on their support page that do not go far enough, as people blocked can still mention you.

So they can conspire. Look I maybe paranoid, but I know girls and women in their clique. And one thing they love to do is girl fighting, secret, backstabbing, and dangerous.

How can twitter let that go on online, to a wide audience of peoples followers. I am a thirty two year old woman, albeit mentally unwell. Now think of a little girl aged twelve, being bullied online, blocking and reporting, suicidal. Knowing these girls online are taunting her behind the block, planning something dreadful to get her banned.

Is that fair?

I’m all for free speech and such, but the callousness of these so called social justice warriors is not needed. They bring nothing to the table, they have nothing to say that is worth listening to. And by far, they do not have a cause, they do not care about society ad a whole.