Month: February 2016

Introduction to Soc-Jus Pt. 1

Introduction to Soc-Jus Pt. 1

The Rationalists

By Nicholas Goroff

                         Part one of a three part analysis of the SJW phenomenon.


Though in many circles the term “SJW” is commonplace, to many observing what seems to be an endless shouting match between often ill-defined sides in an ill-defined culture war centered on, depending upon who they’re hearing, anything from free speech to hate speech, the term can be a curious source of confusion. To those typically of a more liberal persuasion, the question of how “social justice” can be seen as a negative or malignant political cause can be baffling. However as with most things, once one peeks under the surface of what is presented, a much different picture comes to light.

On its face, the social justice movement of the modern age is one which purports to stand as the inheritor of the…

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