Month: February 2016

Attacks On Benefits Claimants Are Not Being Silenced

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So I’ve been reading about this guy Dr Adam Perkins who claims he has been “censored” for “telling the truth about benefits”..

This man basically argues that our current welfare policies encourage people to have more children who have “dysfunctional personalities” and who resist employment…

Shocking as it might seem, the welfare state may no longer be the safety net that we once imagined, becoming instead a production line for producing children with dysfunctional personalities, people who are resistant to employment, who then repeat the cycle.”

Such comments are absolutely appalling and far from being censored Dr Adam Perkins is being given a platform in the national media to air his views.

The Daily Mail have given him a platform to claim he was censored by the London School Of Economics because of the possibility of protests and are now making out anyone who says negative things about…

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MPs Who Voted For ESA Cut Are Heartless Bastards

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MPs who voted for the thirty pound a week cut to Employment Support Allowance should not be able to sleep at night.

But they will because they don’t give a shit about the sick and disabled, if they did they wouldn’t have voted for this.

This cut will apply to new claims which means anyone who is currently working who suddenly becomes ill and need to claim ESA will be affected by this cut and will suffer as a result.

As usual the Tories say that cutting benefit will motivate claimants to get back into work which of course is utter rubbish. And they have no interest in helping benefit claimants return to work and are just obsessed with cutting their benefits in order to save money for the “taxpayer”.

This cut has nothing to do with helping disabled people return to or get into employment and everything to do with penalising the…

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Ending Poverty Not Jailing People Is The Solution To Street Begging

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I have just read about an “aggressive beggar” who targetted shoppers in Newcastle being jailed..

Now I understand that being approached by beggars asking for money can be very intimidating for some people and I know this as this happens to me occasionally where I live.

I normally have little change myself which I need and I have to say no and a couple of times I have been verbally abused for this.

I know that some street beggars can get aggressive when they are rejected by the people they ask for cash and apparently some make verbal threats of violence.

But while I know this I am against locking beggars up as a solution to this problem. If we want to stop begging on our streets then we need to tackle the causes of begging.

Simply jailing people who beg on the streets just keeps them off the…

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Introduction to Soc-Jus Pt. 1

Introduction to Soc-Jus Pt. 1

The Rationalists

By Nicholas Goroff

                         Part one of a three part analysis of the SJW phenomenon.


Though in many circles the term “SJW” is commonplace, to many observing what seems to be an endless shouting match between often ill-defined sides in an ill-defined culture war centered on, depending upon who they’re hearing, anything from free speech to hate speech, the term can be a curious source of confusion. To those typically of a more liberal persuasion, the question of how “social justice” can be seen as a negative or malignant political cause can be baffling. However as with most things, once one peeks under the surface of what is presented, a much different picture comes to light.

On its face, the social justice movement of the modern age is one which purports to stand as the inheritor of the…

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A Rant About Twitter

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I haven’t blogged for a while as I have been tied up with stuff to do with my dad. He’s still in that temporary home which I hate and moving him to a home near me has been held up as the home we wanted turned us down.

I also have been off Twitter for a while as I am finding it bloody annoying and a cesspit of utter stupidity.

It came to a head for me with the stupid as fuck reaction to Beyoncé’s performance at the Super bowl  half time show the other week.

For starters I’ve zero interest in the sodding Super bowl and little interest in Beyoncé. But Twitter was awash with people raving and ranting about what she did.

There were people claiming she was being racist against white people because she dedicated her performance to the Black Panthers. The thing is most of these people…

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Fried Chicken Shops And Poverty

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This is not about benefits and benefit cuts but it’s relevant. I read that a fried chicken shop near me has been shut down because of terrible violations of hygiene laws.

The resident’s association for the road I live on has been laughing at this and there is a fair amount of dislike towards fried chicken shops from the more middle class residents of the area in live in.

These shops get a lot of hostility from the media and also politicians who want to ban them because they serve up unhealthy “junk” food and are being blamed for rising levels of obesity amongst children and teenagers who frequent them during school lunchtime.

Some people sneer at and look down at these takeaways and see them as grubby and dirty and frequented by the “lower classes”. Although these fried chicken shops are bad for people’s health I find looking down and…

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Boy Who Lost His Arms And Legs To Meningitis Forced To Attend Benefits Assesment, IDS HOW CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?

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You preside over this system Iain Duncan Smith you must be removed from office NOW..

This is utterly disgusting, heartbreaking and appalling! A teenage boy with no arms and no legs because of Meningitis is told he must attend a benefits assessment to continue getting the benefits he and his family rely on.

This is the type of shit that’s happening under this government and under Iain Duncan Smith. He needs to go and the Tories need to go or we will continue seeing more disgusting stories like this.

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Former Soldier With Alzheimers Sent Fitness For Work Forms

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isThe right wing media say that Jeremy Corbyn disrespects our soldiers but would this happen with him as Prime Minister?

Yet more abuse of the sick and disabled. This is happening under David Cameron a man who claims to respect our soldiers.

Yet former soldiers with disabilities and illnesses are being subjected to attacks by the benefits system, a system that Cameron presides over.

His Tory propagandists in the media paint Corbyn and the Labour party as traitors who hate and do not respect British soldiers but it is Cameron and the Tories who disrespect them by subjecting them by implementing policies that subject them to harassment and attack by the benefits system.

So who are the real traitors?

Think about it!

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