Month: March 2016

Ordinary Women’s Ida B. Wells Episode Sponsored!

And she still needs $200,000? Also all these well known people who are probably friends with Anita’s friend Emily Best too. Wow I can’t help but feel Anita has promised a little something for Emily, and Emily Best doing the same.

This is a fraud!

Feminist Frequency

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.12.12 PM

We are proud to announce that the Ida B. Wells episode of our upcoming animated series, Ordinary Women, is being sponsored by the Harnisch Foundation, an organization whose mission is to create a more fair and equitable world by investing in gender and racial diversity.

The Harnisch Foundation recognizes that storytelling is one of the most powerful vehicles for social change, which is why it’s such a natural fit for them to sponsor our episode about Ida B. Wells. Among other things, Wells was an investigative journalist whose work shone a spotlight on issues of racial injustice. The stories she told in the media brought attention to the ways in which economic discrimination and racial discrimination were often inextricably linked, and helped motivate people to take a stand against the monstrous practice of lynching.

The founder and president of the Harnisch Foundation, Ruth Ann Harnisch, knows firsthand the impact…

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This Week in Stupid (27/03/2016)

The Rationalists

I miss you already, Tay.





Victimblaming #Brussells

How did it get so bad?



ISIS celebrate

Tweeter arrested

The internet is full of shitposters

Gawker and Coke

As it ever was


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Hillary Clinton versus The World

Hillary Clinton versus The World

The Rationalists

The Hawk in Charge of a Chicken Coup

By Nicholas Goroff

To listen to the campaign rhetoric and carefully crafted messages which Hillary Clinton utters about her experience regarding foreign policy could lead one to the mistaken conclusion that she is a tough but fair player on international stage. Even with respect to the backpedaling she has engaged in regarding her vote in favor of authorization for war in Iraq, the variety of language she uses in respect to her work as a diplomat can very easily paint a picture of a squared away, no nonsense straight shooter on the world’s stage. But upon just a peek beneath the glossy veneer of polished political imagery that is Hillary Clinton, a history of gross interventionism and intractable militarism becomes readily apparent.

For the purposes of this examination of what a Clinton foreign policy could look like, the easiest and most immediately relevant…

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About Feminist Frequency Reviews

Basically spinning the same shit, computer games are bad, and white cis men are evil. Right Anita Sarkeesian and Carolyn Petit?

Feminist Frequency

A Message From Our Managing Editor

This is an exciting time for us here at Feminist Frequency. We’ve just announced our brand new series, Ordinary Women, and the response to that has been wonderful to see. We’re also thrilled to be launching our monthly newsletter, in which we’ll be sharing interviews with amazing women and keeping you in the loop about all things FemFreq. Finally, I’m particularly excited to tell you that we are about to make video game reviews a more consistent part of our programming.

As you may know, I’ve spent years working in games criticism, and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to bring that experience to my work here. What excites me most about reviewing games for Feminist Frequency is the fact that considerations about matters of representation don’t have to feel shoehorned into reviews that treat such issues as secondary. Rather, they…

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Ordinary Women’s Ada Lovelace Episode Sponsored!

It’s not cold hard cash for Anita though, but because of the sponser, she shouldn’t need the $200,000.

Feminist Frequency

science-logoWe are thrilled to announce that the Ada Lovelace episode of our upcoming animated series, Ordinary Women, is being sponsored by the Science Ambassador Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship for women seeking undergraduate degrees in science, engineering, or math.

Jenn Bane, community director of the Science Ambassador Scholarship, said,

“We’re so proud to support this incredible episode of Ordinary Women, a project that shines a spotlight on women who have been unfairly overlooked throughout history. We created The Science Ambassador Scholarship for the same reason–to raise visibility of women working in science, and give women the platform they deserve in male-dominated fields. I’m thrilled to sponsor an episode about Ada Lovelace. My hope is this episode will help dismantle the belief that women are merely secondary characters in history, and encourage more women to pursue their passions in STEM.”

​In telling the stories of amazing women like Ada…

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An Honest Look at the Alt Right

An Honest Look at the Alt Right

The Rationalists

I have enjoyed several conversations with individuals and groups of people who identify as “Alt Right” with the intention of understanding what this movement is. The following is an attempt to examine honestly and objectively what I have discovered to present an accurate description of the movement’s main concerns, methods and goals.


What is the Alt Right?

The phrase “Alternative Right” was coined by Richard Spencer in 2010 and has become an umbrella term to describe a neo-reactionary movement to push back against progressive domination of the political and social spheres.  This done by creating an “idea space” in which issues such as race and nationalism can be discussed without considering left-wing positions on the subject. This puts the Alt Right outside of mainstream conservatism, which is dominated by left-wing philosophies on the subjects of race, nationalism and gender relations, which is summed up in the Alt Right by the…

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How To Get a Social Media Ph.D.

Social Media Collective

A few months ago, I asked how we might reconsider Ph.D. education in light of digital media, social media, and the changing landscape of scholarly publishing.

No matter what your Ph.D. aspirations are, all Ph.D.s are sort-of about publishing and dissemination of research and also reading research, and these activities are being transformed by digital media. I received a many helpful suggestions, and as a result I’d like to offer you a guided tour of my favorites.

I hope this list could be useful as a voyage of exploration for anyone who wants to get a Ph.D. in the social sciences or humanities, broadly defined. It’s also suitable for a professionalization seminar for first-year doctoral students (that’s what I did with it).

The point of this list is not that getting a Ph.D. is totally different now–you’ll notice many of the readings are not new. However, in this list I’ve…

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