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Problem Professors

Problem Professors

Inherited Timidity

Inherited Timidity

The Rationalists

How ‘Helicopter Parenting’ May Have Ruined A Generation

by Nicholas Goroff

As the present crop of millennials moves slowly towards graduation and ostensibly, into the workplace, there is quite a bit to be said about the coddled and often histrionic culture with which many will likely bring with them. While many of more particular political positions and ideologies are keen to point to ideological conditioning in college as the source (one that cannot be discounted, to be certain,) the old questions of parental responsibility for the actions of their children are making the rounds once more, this time focused on the so called “helicopter parents.”

For those left who are unaware of what a helicopter parent is, it is in short one who approaches childrearing with an overprotective and sheltering attitude which seeks to support an absolute sense of safety and emotional comfort of the child being raised…

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This Week in Stupid (24/04/2016) – Social Justice is a Cult Edition!

This Week in Stupid (24/04/2016) – Social Justice is a Cult Edition!

The Rationalists

Social justice is a secular cult following very similar lines to the Third Wave experience from the 1960s.

Sign the petition to suspend teaching social justice courses.



Mammoth hunting:

Melissa “I need some muscle over here” Click fired

They are called Social Justice courses, Futrelle, you moron

Radicalised students

Goes down to primary school

Paediatricians think gender ideology is bad for children

Increased cancer risk

Anti-Milo protesters

White racists

Everything is white supremacy

Muh white supremacy!

Feminists no-platformed

White privilege conference has too much white privilege

The wave


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Critical Theory and ‘Radical’ Social Justice : The LIS Response

Social Justice Librarian

Dealing with ‘Intellectual’ Jargon

After all the years of graduate school I went through, I am happy that I quickly understood (at least from my perspective) that the smartest faculty could explain the most complex concepts in the most simplistic terms. Instead of hiding behind jargon, some faculty are very comfortable teaching concepts in laypersons terms. There are huge benefits to students that take this advice to heart. Unfortunately, hiding behind disciplinary jargon has become a scapegoat that provides various academic faculty with a tool to legitimate their discipline to others in academia. Teaching MLIS student, who will eventually be primarily working with the general public to use jargonese vernacular, is a disservice to the profession.

Addressing Critical Theory in LIS Education

I recently came across a blog posting which advocated for the teaching of critical theory and its application to ‘radical’ social justice in LIS programs. Originally, having…

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Welcome to Mobile monuments

Welcome to Mobile monuments



There is nothing more invisible than a Monument…

In 2015 Fingal County Council announced an exciting public art commission opportunity, one that invited artists to consider Fingal’s importance in the series of events that led up to the 1916 Rising in Dublin. Fingal was a significant part of the narrative, due to its proximity to the city and to Ashbourne while being home to many of the key figures and volunteers including Thomas Ashe and the Adrian sisters. The response to this commission was overwhelming and following a lengthy two stage process and shortlisting by a committee comprised of councillors and experts in the field of history, curatorial and community engaged practices across all art-forms the commission was finally awarded to  Mobile Monuments. Devised by Fingal born artists Rhona Byrne (Sutton) and Yvonne McGuinness (Malahide) both artists attended St. Marnock’s National School in Portmarnock and as artists have found…

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Indoctrinating Your Children

Indoctrinating Your Children

The Rationalists

Colleges and universities are literally teaching teenagers that every white person is racist. This poison is coming from academia and it is to the detriment of not only wider society, but the students who are brainwashed to believe this cult.

It needs to be stopped.

This petition is a public demand that social justice be suspended from being taught in institutions of higher education for the foreseeable future.


The more people who sign it, the more attention it will get.  If you agree with this statement, please consider showing your support.



Whiteness defined!

White culture is bad

White culture shaming

Teaching them to be racist

Not being racist is racist

White guilt strategies

Indoctrinating children

How to dismantle whiteness

Too much whiteness


Making students sick

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Definitions! Cissexism and binarism! For Google!

Labelling people is wrong, especially since it can cause bullying and ingroups, it also limits people. It’s like being back at school, and being labelled, causing a hierarchy where people punch down, instead of up.

And it is kind of sad to live your life through labels, it seems the Social Justice Warriors like to use labels as a badge of honour. It is childish, and forcing people to use these labels is just plain wrong to do.

Anger is Justified.

Enough people are getting here on Google search with things like ‘definition of binarism’ or ‘cissexism definition’ that I actually feel the need to write a definition rather than allow them to infer what they can from my post Definition of cissexism/binarism. Apparently for ‘definition of cissexism’ I am the second search result.

So. Definition of binarism. Binarism is the prejudice against people who are outside the gender/sex binary, or more commonly the stubborn belief that they don’t actually exist. Basically, it is extremely widespread, rarely acknowledged because the subject doesn’t come up often, and absolutely bloody horrible to confront. It’s a product of a ciscentric, highly binary culture that roots identity in gender/sex and refuses to acknowledge anything outside of the binary of man/male and woman/female. It manifests in many ways, both against people who lack binary gender and intersex people; you see it written less often about anti-intersex prejudice…

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#Feminism, #BlackLivesMatter and the Failure of #Humanism

#Feminism, #BlackLivesMatter and the Failure of #Humanism

The Rationalists



I found an article written by an intersectional feminist that explains the author’s, and presumably other intersectional feminist’s, reasoning for why they are supporters of #BlackLivesMatter instead of #AllLivesMatter, then tied it to the difference between humanism and feminism and why they think people should be feminists and not humanists.

The article begins with the following fictional dialogue between a humanist and a feminist, which the feminist begins:


This is a beautifully clear way of not only laying out her argument but demonstrating why it is wrong. Most intersectional feminists usually make liberal use of unnecessary language in what I will assume is not a deliberate attempt to obfuscate their meaning.

“#BlackLivesMatter” is a statement of support for a specific social movement, to which the reply “wait, don’t all lives matter?” is a query about principle. The reply #AllLivesMatter is not support for a social movement but a public statement of principle in response…

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Social Autopsy: Behold The Internet Gestapo

Social Autopsy: Behold The Internet Gestapo

The Rationalists

By Nicholas Goroff

Imagine the following. An organization dedicated to tracking expression and speech they deem unacceptable. This organization, in their tracking of such openly seeks to compile a list of those found guilty of said speech and as part of this, solicits individuals to anonymously submit individuals’ information to this database where such will be posted as part of a “hate speech” hall of shame. Now imagine that this very same organization expressed interest in having information regarding minors so that they may be tracked in regards to their online speech and activity.

This must all sound rather Orwellian at this point, as it rightly should. However such is the main thrust of the new campaign launched by which is presently seeking $75,000 on Kickstarter. Opening their pitch with “We are about to break the internet. Literally,” the page goes on to really sell the project by…

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