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Normalizing Paedophilia through Sex for Children*

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Normalizing Paedophilia through Sex for Children*

So the elite can avoid impunity…and children continue to suffer the consequences into adulthood.

By Aspen

“Sex Education,” i.e. promoting sex to children before they are mentally and emotionally mature,is state-sanctioned sexual abuse of children.

We don’t wish to appear prudish but satanic possession largely takes the form of sex addiction. This is why the Illuminati separate sex from marriage and procreation and promote it relentlessly as an end in itself. In England, an educational consultant has made recommendations that will ensure children become promiscuous. Ontario is introducing similar measures.  But why are we surprised? Our “leaders” shill for the Illuminati, a paedophile homosexual satanic cult.

The battle over the ‘sexual rights’ of underage persons has begun. Children are being sexualized. In the view of the Illuminati, young people are being ‘set free’.

I wrote the above three years ago on this website

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Free Speech Is A Raging Bitch

Free Speech Is A Raging Bitch

The Rationalists

By Nicholas Goroff

It’s time again to raise a pint to free speech. Last year, in a case which pitted the Maryland brewery against the Michigan liquor commission over both the name and label art of the Belgian Style IPA known as “Raging Bitch,” Flying Dog scored a victory for free expression when the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that not only did Michigan’s ban on the sale of the beer violate the brewery’s 1st amendment rights, but that Flying Dog could hold the commission liable for damages. As reported by Reason, the brewers have not only experienced praise throughout the beer world for their anti-authoritarian stance on the matter, but announced that any awarded damages will be used to fund a non-profit “1st Amendment Society” to advocate for a preservation of free speech rights.

Last August, while the case was filtering through the…

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This Week in Stupid (22/05/2016)

This Week in Stupid (22/05/2016)

This Week in Stupid (01/05/2016)

This Week in Stupid (01/05/2016)

The Rationalists

The Bangladeshi machete industry is booming.



Islamist murders of secular Bangladeshis

Sweden yes

Westminster, Tehran, what’s the difference?

Labour, yes

Ken Livingstone

“Zionist neocon lobby”

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“Is Feminism Good for the World?” | Debate Between  Sargon of Akkad and Kristi Winters

“Is Feminism Good for the World?” | Debate Between Sargon of Akkad and Kristi Winters

The Rationalists




I’d like to start by commending Kristie for standing up to debate in an environment where the most prominent feminist theorists fail to adequately engage with dissenting viewpoints and cloister themselves away in academia.  I genuinely wish to thank her for engaging in this dialogue.

Feminism is a social science and therefore naturally uses the social science method of asking people things to gather data. As you can imagine, this leads to data that is hard to measure twice.  When 270 scientists on five different continents decided to try to replicate 100 cognitive and social psychology experiments, 75% of the social psychology experiments could not be replicated. Even when the studies could be replicated, the results were consistently found to be exaggerated.

I’m sure one contributory factor is the extremely high amount of political bias in American universities. A 2014 study by the Higher Education Research Institute…

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What is a Social Justice Course?

What is a Social Justice Course?

The Rationalists

Social justice courses are easy to identify, usually because they will be conducted by a university’s Department of Social Justice.





Safe Space Segregation

Butler’s family


The Demands

Jonathan Butler:

Triggly Puff

List of Social Justice Departments, Courses and Workshops

University of Texas
University of Toledo
University of Kansas
University of San Francisco
University of Portland
University of Dayton
University of Central Florida
University of Illinois
University of Oklahoma
University of Minnesota
Rowan University
West Virginia
George Washington University
Eastern Kentucky

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The Moral Rubicon

The Moral Rubicon

The Rationalists

The Moral Rubicon is the point at which someone has acted in such an extreme and negative way that they cannot bring themselves to apologise.

Gazi Kodzo, the Uhuru Movement member known colloquially as Black Hitler, is an example of this.



He’s not gay, he just seems it

Not A Feminist

Halloween costumes

He’s Antisemitic

Black Jews

He supports black lives matter

He doesn’t understand history

Blacks killing blacks is white people’s fault

He loves hating white people

All white people are racist

Racial purist and The product of rich parents (2:00) (3:00)

Life of privilege

Black Hitler will teach you about your original sin

Uhuru, comrade!

Uhuru initiation 2:25

International black communism


Support revolutionary protesting

He was “bourgeoisie” speech.

Revolution is coming

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This Week in Stupid (08/05/2016)

This Week in Stupid (08/05/2016)

The Rationalists

Teaching people to be racist is surely a bad idea?


Marxism promoted in a Magic: The Gathering community:



Regressive Sadiq Khan

“Give the land back, white waitress” says race-focused regressive


Muh land!

Black supremacy

What a surprise, a Marxist

Oxford is for pussies

Call for social justice papers

Social justice

Forced SJW courses

STEM is next

Feminist natural sciences

Feminist physics

Feminist biology;jsessionid=4E8114A7CC56E8140EEDED8084FA4BB7.f01t02?userIsAuthenticated=false&deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=


Science? Nah

Fuck free speech

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This Week in Stupid (15/05/2016)

This Week in Stupid (15/05/2016)

#Brexit: #ProjectFear is Ridiculous

#Brexit: #ProjectFear is Ridiculous

The Rationalists



Undecided Britain

No further referendums

Project Fear

Pressure to stay from Obama

Merkel against Brexit

Project fear is…sort of working

Brexit responds to fearmongering

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