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Why Do Bad Muslims Commit Terrorist Attacks?

Why Do Bad Muslims Commit Terrorist Attacks?

The Rationalists

Why do irreligious Muslims self-radicalise?



No connection to ISIS but Pledge to ISIS

Not religious

Self radicalising

Lone wolf attacks

Target whites

9/11 hijackers were bad Muslims

Moses the Black

Urban II calls for the crusade

Killing to avoid hell

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This Week in Stupid (31/07/2016)

This Week in Stupid (31/07/2016)

Finance’s winners and losers of 2016 + Trump

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

This guy is goooooooooood.

Not just good.

But gooooooooood.

wow omg likey


“Since gold can’t be “debased”, it begins to attract investment from those who would rather not consume today’s overproduction (and via that sharing wealth and ‘favours’) but continue to hoard these for the purpose of individual wealth accumulation.

Owning your own money makes you a Bad Person.


Gold in this way symbolises humanity’s selfish streak.


What’s more, while gold encourages anti-social behaviour and hoarding in individuals, a fiat-based system encourages the very opposite: sharing, distribution, collaboration and cooperation.

SJWs in finance, called it here first.
Welfare-phobia is round the sharp corner of a Hillary victory.

The “NWO Socialist Welfare State” (or whatever you want to call it) is completely dependent on the US dollar’s global use in the store of value role. Something that cannot be controlled. It can only be earned through confidence. And most simply…

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Proof that liberalism is partially caused by absentee parenting

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

He was living out of his car and was in the US illegally, having outstayed his visa.

crying laughter lmao

Why are they ruining the little girl’s life with a photo? She’ll forever be associated with her subhuman brother.

Michael moved out four years ago, but his toy racing cars are still on the mantelpiece.

When did he get into reddit, atheistkult and University social justice politics?

When he was five, Michael’s father left home.

Now we all know who to blame. That’s the biggest fault here. The thing you can’t change.

They don’t leave home. They abandon their helpless children.

“He’d always say, ‘Well, I don’t mean to be rude – I’m just saying it as it is.’ He had a lack of empathy.”

That isn’t a marker of intelligence or autism, House is fictional, but it is antisocial personality. I bet he has a ‘trauma’ that made him narcissistic…

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The prospect of UK famine in our time

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Colleagues in the Climate Change team in the UK Foreign Office asked me to pop in and discuss the way that food, food prices and climate could interact to affect life in countries around the world. This is a topic of crucial interest given the plethora of analyses that have linked food price rises to civil unrest in unstable economies.


wtf omg shaking shock surprise dean ah

At the moment you only hear about global food security, but as I’ve covered before, the UK is too screwed to fix itself without essentially killing the whole population of London, let alone pay for lazy African farmers.

We’ve got about 80 million total (legal and illegal) by food consumption. I’d roughly estimate enough food for no more than 20 million comfortably and most of those in rural areas.

Our plausible worst case scenario was built around both these events happening together.

Not enough. The human immune system…

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Rape threatening online abuser gets sent down

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

The woman took it too far with the posturing afterward but tbh, that stuff’s wrong.

“Please you cunts deserve to be taken back to the 50s were [sic] you wil learn to know your role and shut your damn mouth.

“Do me a favour go home and slap your mother obviously your father never did it enough.

“I’d rape you if you were better looking but I wouldn’t fuck you.”

The internet isn’t an excuse for verbal abuse, this is just a misogynist twist. Even if it was based on something chosen like occupation, it’s singling a person out and being purely vile with the defamatory ad hominem that makes harassment. The sexual element is worst and I think the judge didn’t go far enough, the obvious porn addict was clearly flirting with some type of incitement. If I threatened an American politician with assassination (murder being up there with…

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Carla’s Facts to Consider Number 7: Australian Schools Are Not Banning The National Anthem

If you’re on social media of any kind, you have probably seen this meme used before (or, at least one similar to it): Now, I’m only going to do this fact from an Australian point of view as I have …

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