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Happy Birthday, #HeForShe!

Happy Birthday, #HeForShe!

Puer Aeternus and The Peter Pansexual

Puer Aeternus and The Peter Pansexual

The Rationalists

Can one be brave through being cowardly? Is standing up for one’s gender or racial identity and demanding absolute deference in regards to your perspective really a matter of standing up to authority and asserting yourself in a meaningful way? Is hysterical screaming really a valid way of making a point?

If one was to ask the average safe space enthusiast these questions, their answers, once one got beyond the shrieking demands that you check your privilege, educate yourself and acknowledge that you’re likely a bigot by virtue of your skin or genitals, would likely be a resounding “yes,” followed by spirit fingers or jazz hands. However to the rest of the working world, even those outside of the skeptics/shitlords circles, the current batches of college students and progressive activists are increasingly appearing to be more childlike with every new screed or dictum to come out of a student government…

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Let’s Talk About Toxic Masculinity

Disorderly Politics

Wow. I’ve been gone for awhile. What’s happened since I last posted. . .

The first presidential election debate just happened. Boring and exactly what everyone expected.

Some SJW harassing a Lyft driver. Well, I already talked about the bullying mentality of the regressive left.

YouTube Heroes existing. Further proving that YouTube executives have no idea why their website is popular.

Black people are rioting in the streets again over a thug getting shot (by a cop, of course, they don’t care if another civilian asshole shoots someone). No surprise there.

Climate change is racist, apparently. That’s news to me, but please continue being years behind the social justice bandwagon, England. It’s funny to me.

I powerful authority figure has gone out saying that if you live in a big city, religiously motivated terrorist attacks are just a thing you’re gonna have to deal with, like the occasional traffic accident…

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The Methods to Female Madness

Black Label Logic

skinner-boxFor a while, I’ve been throwing around ideas in my head for writing a post about red flags, and various other things men should look out for in women. However, as I was doing my research on the topic, throughout various manosphere sites, I found that it had been a fairly frequently covered topic. From red flags [3,4], to various takes on the characteristics of female psychopaths [1], borderlines [2], histrionics, bi-polar and quite a few other mental illnesses, it has been covered. So, rather than repeating much of what has previously been written, I decided to research the methodologies of these women on a more abstract basis. More specifically, the means to the desired end.

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The Project Management of Self-Improvement

Black Label Logic

I’ve gotten a few questions on the topic of planning and time management in the last few months, so I thought I’d do a write up. To me this is a very individual issue and your time management tools have to conform as much as possible to your preferred manner of working. Everyone has an approach that will work better for them, some respond very well to highly regimented lives, some do not. Some people have the ability to control their lives to a high degree and can thus implement high levels of detailed scheduling, others need flexibility in order to effectively execute.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion of goals as opposed to systems, however these are complimentary not in opposition to feedbackeach other. The reason for creating a system is to avoid some of the downsides related to goals, outlined by among others Scott Adams. For instance, instead…

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First Principles

Black Label Logic

first-principle-quotes-4A first principle is somewhat similar to the concepts of axioms and maxims. However, the former is a truth taken to be self-evident, whereas the latter a starting point for further reasoning. A first principle on the other hand, is that on which everything else is constructed, the foundation of a life. These are frequently imbued in men during their childhood, as a form of social programming, in order to secure the investment of the male into the existing social order. A first principle of many blue pill men, is the framing of all female behavior in a positive light, which creates the foundation for events such as oneitis and white knighting. For if the female may never be perceived as engaging in negative behavior, it follows that her position may never be a lower one in his mind.

The chosen first principles determine not only the manner in which…

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Gendernomics: The Male Sexual Strategies – Part 2

Black Label Logic

product-life-cycleWhen I was writing part one, that was intended to be a a stand-alone piece, but after posting it I’ve gotten some feedback, both in the comments and via Twitter, mainly relating to why I did not break down male strategies in the same depth and detail as with female sexual strategies. However, as I outlined in the first post, while males superficially can adopt a similar variant to the female strategies to further target a specific type of female, the male goal is opposite of the female goal. Whereas the female is adopting a sexual strategy to act as a filter to eliminate suitors preemptively, due to females having general appeal by default, A male has no appeal by default and works towards general appeal, in order to maximize his market value. Thus, a male can derive little value from engaging in the same filtering behaviors employed…

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A House Divided: Community and Ideology in the Anti-Regressive World

A House Divided: Community and Ideology in the Anti-Regressive World

The Rationalists

If you were to hear a feminist, black lives matter supporter or any form of social justice warrior speak about their opposition, you might draw the ultimately false conclusion that anti-feminism and anti-social justice constitute some form of monolithic ideology. Much as the social justice, racially political and feminist scenes are known to desire from their within their own ranks, their assumption of ideological homogeneity within the ranks of their detractors often seems to be standard in whatever few engagements with them which can be found in. The thinking being that should one oppose any aspect of the progressive narrative that they are themselves a bigoted, racist, sexist part of the alt-right or right wing establishment.

This is, to any who’ve bothered looking beyond given rhetoric, obviously false. However in many ways, much of this assumption that there exists a shared orthodoxy within more critical or skeptical circles does…

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The Social Justice Definition of Racism

The Social Justice Definition of Racism

The Rationalists

What does racism actually mean?



Advocates of social justice have a persistent habit of redefining words to suit their needs, in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the issues and bamboozle others into accepting ideas that are, put simply, naked sophistry.

While this Orwellian deformation of our dialectic is damaging to the public discourse, it can be remedied by a careful analysis of the language we are using to talk about these issues.  

If you are a regular English-speaking person, you probably use a dictionary to find the definition of racism. This is, however, not satisfactory. Dictionaries are descriptive, not prescriptive, which means a dictionary cannot actually tell you what the meaning of a word is, only describe how the word is used in common parlance. This is why dictionaries are constantly updating their lexicon with new and exciting definitions, such as the Oxford…

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This Week in Stupid (18/09/2016)

This Week in Stupid (18/09/2016)

The Rationalists

“You’re privileged.” – Rich Black Lives Matter supporter



Muh white privilege

Feminist internet

Women more sexist

Trudeau’s gender segregation

—— Livestream Sources ——-

Pepe the Meme Jihadist

Powell on everyone

Pepe the Meme Jihadist

Freaking the fuck out over Trump

Trump the Human

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