Month: October 2016

Women and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Black Label Logic

narcissism_selfiesNarcissism is one of those disorders that the public has taken to their hearts and calling someone a narcissist is a common insult to attack someone perceived as vain, egocentric or self-absorbed, however this does not reflect the full spectrum of the diagnosis. As with most things the public presses to their heart as the pejorative du jour, they failed to understand the full complexity of the disorder and the diagnostic criteria. Being a vain, self-centered bastard is part of the diagnosis, but is not the only thing required to be a narcissist, if it was most of us would qualify at one point or another.

Narcissism in the western culture is a growth industry [1] thus, the socio-cultural aspects of the diagnosis, is influenced. This follows from the BPS response to the DSM-V, where they write

The putative diagnoses presented in DSM-V are clearly based largely on social norms…

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Re: Environmental Determinism: Crash Course Human Geography #1

Re: Environmental Determinism: Crash Course Human Geography #1

The Rationalists

Crash Course put out an ideologically biased video attempting to debunk science with wishful thinking.



Environmental determinism

Middle Eastern History

Guns, Germs and Steel

Burial traditions

James Blaut, Marxist professor

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Confessions of an Anxious Journalist

My Writing Retreat

Journalism didn’t come naturally for me. I chose the degree of English Literature on my first day of college. After 10 weeks of classes it became apparent that I could basically use that degree for only two careers: teaching or publishing novels. I didn’t want to teach, and the prospect of making it big on a novel are slim, so my counselor recommended I try Journalism.

My Journalism classes were inspiring and exciting — I found my tribe of people who were likewise set on changing the world and toeing the line of overdosing on coffee!

There was just one not-so-small snag: interviews. It was difficult enough to get my participation points in class, let alone think of asking a person questions! Looking back, my fear seems bizarre, but I’d always struggled with being a shy, socially-anxious person. College was my first diversion from being home-schooled and I seriously lacked social skills…

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This Week in Stupid (23/10/2016)

This Week in Stupid (23/10/2016)

The Rationalists

Help out a fucking white male and place a complaint here:

Remember to email a screenshot of the complaint to:

Previous video on the subject:



Racial discrimination

Migrant “children”

What crazy reason does Islam have to beat a woman this week?

Islamic school

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Women and Anti-Social Personality Disorder

Black Label Logic

female-sociopathThe holy grail of personality disorders, psychopathy, sociopathy, ASPD or madness without delirium. Described by Harvey Cleckley in his book “The Mask of Sanity” as the insane that appear sane. Most of the research on this disorder has been done by Dr. Robert Hare using the populations of America’s prisons as his subjects. This lead to the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) and then the next version the Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R). Unsurprisingly the diagnosis of this disorder appears to favor men with up to 3 men being diagnosed as having ASPD for every woman. The symptoms in Hare’s checklist was developed almost exclusively by studying men, mostly the prison population, which may have affected the calibration of the tools. There are some questions among professionals that wonder if psychopathy have a lower incidence rate in women, or in fact there are issues with the diagnostic…

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Hillary Wants War

Hillary Wants War

The Rationalists

Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state has been catastrophic for people in the Middle East and will get worse if she has her way.



Clinton wanted war in Libya

Wikileaks email shows them crafting a narrative on Libya

Clinton knew how difficult the transition would be

Libya is a failed state – Islamists were repressed by dictators

Libyan weapons funnelled to Syria

ISIS in Libya

Clinton wants to arm the Kurds

Dick Cheney on arming the Kurds

Hillary knows it will damage Turkey, but she doesn’t care after Erdrogan’s Islamist takeover
Edrogan thinks its “inept”

Hillary wants to overthrow Assad and destablise Iran to benefit Israel

Trump wants to arm the Kurds too

Who are the Kurds?–essential-to-Kurdish-identity

Hillary opposed Syrian ceasefire

Clinton lies about this

No fly zone Senate…

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