#66 Anger – ‘Dealing With Agitation’


Today’s buzzword is ‘agitation’, which rhymes with ‘refrigeration’, and that’s ironic because I’ve done everything but play it cool today. I’m not an angry person, I think I’ve reached mild fury once in my life. That was because I lent my friend a 64MB Playstation 2 memory card with my SSX Tricky saved game on it and he returned it completely wiped. I do believe under Section 5a of the Gaming Etiquette Statute I am therefore entirely justified in serving any punishment I see fit. In this specific case, I just acted normal to his face, but deep beneath the surface I was doing unspeakable things. Take that mean friend.

Back then there was a clear catalyst. Wiping someones PS2 memory card is enough to send anyone into a blind rage. Today though, there’s no Playstation in sight. I suppose, me and my girlfriend have been bickering all day about nothing…

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