Exclusive: Labour senior source – there is no ‘staff crisis’, the right’s just scared of Karie


The Huffington Post, Politics Home and other outlets have been running this morning with the story of a supposed ‘staffing crisis’ in Jeremy Corbyn’s office. Some people have left, true – two because of ill health and one for unknown reasons – but that’s normal in any office job.

In fact, two people suffering ill health should surprise nobody – it can’t be easy working in an office that is continually the target for ludicrous criticism. One of the people leaving for health reasons is Jayne Fisher, who was attacked – along with Corbyn for employing her – because she used to work, in Parliament at the Sinn Fein office. This was the epitome of nonsense, because it was a job – she was a Labour member all along – and those making the most fuss about her previous post will have been among those praising the late Martin…

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