#74 Music – ‘A Path To Happiness?’


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Music does something to you, it changes you, takes you to different places and opens your eyes to whole new worlds. It seems to have direct access to that profound area of the brain, which no other art form does. Friedrich Nietzsche once said that ‘life without music would be a mistake’. In fairness he was referring to Beethoven, not the weekend top 40. Although I heard he enjoy a few of Gwen Stafani’s hits.

Live music is especially moving though. Whatever you feel from listening to a cassette*, is easily tripled when the same thing is seen and heard live. From a young age I was always been drawn to live music. I would lay on my bed and imagine what it would actually be like to hear ‘MMMbop‘, live. A dream which I never got to fulfil, and never…

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