Birmingham Labour confirms disenfranchisement of members


The SKWAWKBOX has covered in some detail the unlawful plan by Birmingham Labour board to apply a ‘freeze date’ of July 2015 that will disenfranchise around two-thirds of Birmingham Labour members for six years, so that the right-wingers can continue to control candidate selections.

Almost all of the disenfranchised members will be Corbyn supporters.

Three CLPs (constituency Labour parties) and 9 branch parties passed resolutions against the measure and it’s clear that a majority of members in the area oppose it.

bham democracy.pngPart of a flyer created by local members asking for their democratic rights

A meeting took place last week to vote on the decision – by secret ballot, so that CLPs can’t even hold their representatives to account – and the freeze-date was ratified.

The decision shows that those currently running Birmingham Labour have respect neither for their members nor for the law, since the legal advice…

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