#76 Emotion – ‘The Mental Illness Robot’


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Being a 90’s child my favourite toy was inevitably Woody from Toy Story. Most kids wanted Buzz Lightyear because he was ‘cooler’. I like to think that as a child I saw that Woody was always true to himself and others, he never pandered to an audience or relied on the praise of others as a way to measure his self worth. In reality it was because he had a removable hat and a pull string.

You would pull the string and he would alternately say 3 or 4 things, such as ‘Theres a snake in my boots!’ or ‘You’re my favourite deputy!’. I would soon come to realise that neither of those things were true, but one can only imagine the emotional strain I had put on him if he were in fact real. One minute he is happy about…

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