#76 Lazy – ‘Pulling Away In 5th’


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Some cities and towns around the world are steeped in culture and history. Take Washington D.C for example, it is known for being the home of great structures such as the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial. It is also the birth place of monumental moments in history, from speeches by Martin Luther king and Lincoln himself, to the Obama inauguration and that scene in Independence Day.

My home town has also stamped its mark on history. Take a look back in the record books and you will see that in 1999 we got our first set of traffic lights. 2001 the little known burger place McDonald’s opened its doors, and 5 years after that Martin Sargeant got 5 GCSEs. But it’s the traffic lights which really changed things, the mood of the town changed and it affected people’s lives in…

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