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Can Bill Nye – or any other science show – really save the world?

If anything, from what I saw with the woman who could not sing a note, singing about the millions of Tumblrina genders and sexualities.

I have to say personally, I think TV is pandering too much to the special snowflakes, and we are soon to live in a world where having sex with children will be legal.

If Bill Nye ends up saying that, then I am afraid I am as many will end up checking out life.

Sociology is good for most part, but to be honest, it has now infiltrated its way into everything, and sucked the fun out of it.

It has changed how we treat mental illnesses, it has changed how we see sex and gender without any scientific evidence excepting feelings.

So are Feelings now Scientific Fact?

I was not impressed with what I saw of the show, I am so glad I am not paying a subscription to Netflix.

Sorry to be blunt, but I feel like I am in a world where up is down, and left is right. I cannot handle anymore of this social justice, gneder studies bullshit that is being forced fed in media.

Sorry for being blunt and a downer.

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Why I won’t be giving up the fight for a socialist Labour Party

Why I won’t be giving up the fight for a socialist Labour Party

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


I’d like you to picture a scene. A father and son are hunched over their beers. They’re embroiled in a sometimes heated political debate. Strangely their politics are in complete alignment. Both are socialists. They are each sick of living in a society where greed and private profit take precedence over the needs of millions. Yet they are arguing with each other. Why?

Labour, a political party they have supported their whole lives and one headed by a man who shares their vision for a better society, appears to be struggling. It has lost an election and their enemies, both internal and external are circling, eager to pick at the carcass. How could the very people the party was founded to protect have forsaken it?

The older of the two argues that, although he agrees completely with everything Labour stands for, that’s just not what people want now. He goes…

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The PLP Plotters Are Hoping Compromise Will Be The Downfall Of Corbyn: Let’s Disappoint Them Again!

The PLP Plotters Are Hoping Compromise Will Be The Downfall Of Corbyn: Let’s Disappoint Them Again!

Turning the Tide

When we elected Jeremy, in many ways we were handing him a poisoned chalice because he was always going to have to compromise sometimes, which had the potential of losing him support amongst the people who voted him in twice. Only on the back benches could he remain ever true to himself and his principles.

We need to make sure we only call it out when it genuinely is a case of him ‘selling out’ rather than those considered, and sometimes painful compromises he will inevitably have to make as leader of a broad church party. The PLP plotters are counting on us ‘deluded idealists’ to be too black and white in our views to deal with any compromise at all and will therefore try to continually push Corbyn into positions that will divide opinion amongst his core supporters. I personally will not fall into their trap and I hope…

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Building an evidence-based strategy      against abuse and hate crimes

Building an evidence-based strategy against abuse and hate crimes


Building an evidence-based strategy against abuse and hate crimes  

                                                                        By Dr Alan Maddison, 4th February 2017


Hate crimes are categorised for motives of Racism, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Religion, and Disability. Although the 62 518 hate crimes reported to the police over 12 months to 31st March 2016 represent only 1.8% of all victim-based crimes, they do generate considerable fear and anxiety due to the targeting of their victims. In addition, hate crimes are the tip of an iceberg composed of almost daily acts of prejudice and discrimination for many of the victim groups.

Unfortunately recent Government reports on tackling hate crime and anti-Semitism seem to be overly influenced by blatant political bias and political lobbying. Anti-Semitism accounted for only 1.5% of total reported hate crimes in 2015/16, yet attracts a disproportionately high level of political and media attention. This means that victims of the…

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Voting Labour, Joey Tribbiani and enlightened self-interest

Voting Labour, Joey Tribbiani and enlightened self-interest

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

Ever since Theresa May called a ‘snap election’ as a result, in her view, of the House of Commons repeatedly blocking Article 50 and Brexit by having the temerity to vote for it, I find my self fixated with the question of self-interest. I’m not referring to the concerns of Tory MPs sweating through their suits at the thought of doing porridge for election fraud. I’m not even thinking of May’s own selfishness in seeking to establish a one-party-state.

No, I’m thinking about myself and all of you. Let me explain.

Remember that episode of Friends, you know the one where Joey and Phoebe get into an argument about whether true altruism actually exists? Joey, after getting a gig doing a telethon for PBS, angrily tells his friend that there’s no such thing as a genuinely selfless act, after she points out he’s only doing it for the exposure.

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Forged in the fire of protest: A Prime Minister for the many

Forged in the fire of protest: A Prime Minister for the many

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

With every line on his face carved by a 34 year struggle for fairness and social justice, Jeremy Corbyn today delivered a speech that many feel transformed him from party leader to Prime Minister in-waiting. It was a masterful portrait of a Tory Britain that, as he passionately declared, is holding back the potential of the British people.

Few could argue he hadn’t captured the essence of a Conservative government that rules in the interests of the privileged. They are happy to carve out a Brexit for the few, to surrender our public services, he said, because they have a “get out of jail free card.”

Theresa May can slash and burn schools and hospitals, feed the greed of the super rich and watch as our infrastructure crumbles, because the people she serves will never pay the price. That is left to the rest of us.

To loud applause he…

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An Exercise: Affirm Your Future



Hi Everyone,

Step 1: I would like to invite you to share in the comments section your short-term or long-term goal or goals. Don’t be shy. This is a safe space where judgment is never permitted.

Step 2: After you list your goal, I would like you to list one or more steps that need to be taken to move you toward achieving your goal. Think deeply and choose steps that have been most impacted by procrastination. You might even list why you have been procrastinating. I am a firm believer that affirmation statements are supremely helpful in promoting positive change in our lives.

Step 3: Lastly, please write a commitment statement about how you intend to follow through with the steps you listed. Also, include a way you plan to reward yourself when you take this step. Be as detailed and creative as possible. And, remember to have fun!

Here is one of my goals, steps…

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Police pin teen to ground, beat him with baton in shocking footage

Stop UK lies & corruption

It seems the days of police being there to protect the public are over – at least according to some officers who think the job gives them a right to do this…

The footage shows a boy being forced to lie on the ground by three Metropolitan police officers, while one of them beats the living daylights out of him!

Source   Backup

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Labour slashes Tory lead by a further FIVE points in two days

Labour slashes Tory lead by a further FIVE points in two days


As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Thursday, a singleweek of General Election campaigning – with Corbyn taking the streets by storm and Theresa May hiding in empty factories or speaking to a handful of acolytes in strictly stage-managed settings – saw the Tories’ polling lead over Labour fall by a huge eight points.

Today a new poll, announced just minutes ago by Britain Elects, shows a further fall – from 16 percentage points to 11 – in just two days:

voting intention 290417.pngClearly the voting public is starting to recognise in Corbyn an authentic Prime Minister in waiting when they see one – and to see through Theresa May’s media-spun ’emperor’s new clothes’ to the unfit, unelected has-been behind the spin.

It seems all the momentum is Corbyn’s and Labour’s.

The battle is just beginning, but it’s becoming clearer every day just why Theresa May’s keepers are keeping her out…

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