False Flag or Fake: “Chemical Gas Attack” in Syria

World Affairs

Here is a quick analysis of why the so-called “chemical gas attack” in Syria is very likely a fake or a false flag attack.

Cui Bono: Latin for “Who Benefits?” Who gains from this attack? Certainly not the Syrian President, Assad. He’s been winning the wars against both ISIS and Al Qaeda for the last 4 months, capturing one major city/region after another. He is getting help from Russia, Iran and even the U.S. Just a couple of days ago, Trump said he is dropping the slogan, “Assad must go.” A chemical attack by Assad would be the dumbest move ever that turns the world against him. So the ONLY people to benefit from this “chemical gas attack” are Assad’s enemies, who have the motives, means and opportunity.

BTW, don’t assume that Assad is some kind of a bloodthirsty, Jihadist monster. He is truly a moderate and a…

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