Two Main Problems With Modern Liberalism

World Affairs

No ideology is perfect or has all the answers; and no ideology is static, especially in America. Republicans in 2017 are far more liberal than any Democrat in the 1950s. Heck, Obama didn’t support gay marriage until 2012. Thus, to discuss the problems with “liberalism” is a bit challenging since there the ideology is fluid and ever-changing. Also, there are vast divides between the three types:

  • corporate-friendly, warmongering Neoliberals (Clinton)
  • traditional, Union-friendly, anti-globalist progressives (Bernie Sanders)
  • dwindling anti-war progressives

Similarly, Conservatism has its own spectrum of beliefs. Trump certainly has changed the direction of the Republican party enormously. Nobody could have imagined a Republican president being anti-globalist, pro-worker, pro-Russia and a counterintuitive mix of liberalism and traditional conservatism!

All that said, there are some fundamental and consistent strains of beliefs in liberalism. These could be categorized in main areas of social issues and economic issues.

Social Issues: The biggest…

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