#81 Tired – ‘You Could Find A Diamond!’


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Now this is not intended as a brag, but I have been tired before. I have, I swear. And this is largely my own doing, I’m a self made tired person. Naturally though being the modest person I am, I like to blame attribute my success to other things and other people. Some people also refer to this as ‘complaining’ or ‘moaning’. Although it must be said that today is an exception to that rule, I haven’t done either of those things, not even once –  it is only 7pm as I write this though, so don’t count your metaphorical chickens.

When I was at college in my late teens I was studying fine art, a subject I liked a lot. Being lazy a man of artistic integrity, I only drew, or painted when I felt inspired. Coincidently I would…

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