#86 WHO – ‘Lets Talk About Depression’


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It is ‘World Health Day’ today, well its not. It was yesterday, but time is a relative concept and pigs can fly. It is a big day for world health though. This day is devised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and each year they pick a health issue for the world to focus on. This year it is was depression. Now given there are over 30,000 known human medical problems to choose from, this is a once in a 30 thousand year opportunity* for depression.

The campaign itself is very simple. it is called; ‘Lets Talk’. Lets talk about depression, being the inference. Now for a person who suffers from depression and writes a daily mental health blog, this part would not appear to be particularly difficult for me. However, that is not exactly the case, is it? I mean, I’m…

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