#87 Exhausted – ‘Creative Flow’


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Creative flow, or ‘in the zone’, as it is sometimes known, is a state in which we are so focused and so in tune with our mind, and absorbed in an activity that we seem to flow through it. Anything seems possible and your brain operates at its peak capacity. Time seems to slow down, but simultaneously speed up. The energy and creativity just pours out of you as beautifully and as plentiful as the Trevi Fountain.

I don’t know if there is a definition for the opposite of creative flow, but I have that. Floblob. I’ve decided Floblob is the opposite of creative flow. I have a serious case of Floblob. In this state you are so out of tune with your surroundings that you’ve found the local AM radio station, and the improv Belgian jazz* from the 1920s is distracting if…

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