#88 Convention – ‘An Outer Body Experience’


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There are a few common ways people seem to experience outer-body-experiences, or OBEs as the cool kids call them. This can be through extreme-physical-effort (EPE), during deep sleep, or from near-death-experiences (NDE). I’m not sure the list is exhaustive, but I do have a new entry, as I had an OBE today. We need to add; ‘sitting-in-a cute-cafe-with-your-girlfriend-and-her-friends-eating-breakfast-whilst-they-gossip endlessly-about-other girls-and-trashy-TV’ (SCCGFEBGEOGTT) to the list.

These exact conditions seemed to produce an OBE, I do remember being in the conversation at one point, but that point no longer existed. I no longer knew why the words were coming out of people’s mouths or what the context was. I have come to suspect no context existed. I could feel myself floating, slowly rising above myself. The voices became a distant droning noise. Then like a lonely astronomer waiting for an alien signal…

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