Red Pill Analogies: Part 1

Black Label Logic

Some of these first originated in my Twitter feed (@blacklabellogic) where I tend to drop them fairly regularly, and some I haven’t shared before on that platform for various reasons.

1. Sleeping with women you work with is like putting a TV in your gym, it distracts from why you are there, and impedes your progress.

2. Relationships are like a weed habit, you become complacent and get nothing done.

3. Crazy women are like cocaine habits, expensive as fuck, and it always ends badly.

4. Dating is like BBQ, if it heats up too fast, it always ends with something being on fire.

5. Crazy women are like the CIA, you think everything is cool until you realize she went through all your stuff, and cut the brakes on your car.

6. Having a blue pilled dating coach/relationship adviser is like having a naïve and trusting lawyer.

7. In…

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