Akehurst says 19 left Conference delegates a waste – so more are needed


Labour First‘s Luke Akehurst definitely wasn’t happy on Friday. But not for the reason he pretended.

Akehurst tweeted a whiny criticism of Bristol West CLP for their selection of delegates for Labour’s annual Conference in Brighton later this year:

akehurst bristolMr Akehurst was soon disabused of the notion that it was costing the CLP anything like £4,000 by one of the delegates themselves:

self-fundBut self-awareness has never been an Akehurst strong point and he seemed oblivious not only to how it would look to be arguing against increased member engagement and participation but also making his real agenda absolutely transparent – and making his hypocrisy so clear he might as well have it tattooed on his forehead.

Of course, Akehurst is absolutely terrified of mass member-participation in the Labour Party, because any hope for his faction depends on preventing the vast pro-Corbyn majority of members from participating actively in the…

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