Dismay at Deborah Orr’s unusually ill-informed article on Simon Stevens’ Next Steps for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS

STP Agony Aunt usually likes reading Deborah Orr’s columns – so she was dismayed by the reporter’s ill-informed applause in her weekend Guardian column for Simon Stevens’ Next Steps for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships.

Published last Friday, Simon Stevens’ document  takes another big step towards realising Jeremy Hunt’s plans to replace the NHS with an American-style insurance system. It is clear about the intention to make Sustainability and Transformation Plans – now renamed Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships – into Accountable Care Systems.

Accountable Care Systems copy the US health insurance system. They are being spun as A Good Thing because they end the purchaser/provider split. Don’t fall for the spin.

Accountable Care Systems/Organisations are mechanisms for denying care by choosing to treat only patients who represent “best value for money” – ie are cheapest to treat, and most likely to have the best health recovery as a result of…

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