Elan Mudrow

Painting by Gerhard Richter

This is empty.

It is not words.


Don’t let it fool you.

It’s up to its tricks……..

Twisting meanings……..

And it’s ugly…….

Take a look!

Little symbols on a page.

Not artistic at all!

Graffiti is better

Especially when stenciled.

For it is a pattern, only a facsimile.

A silhouette

Upon a surface

This is not a room

Where women come and go

Talking of Michelangelo.

A rose isn’t necessarily a rose isn’t a rose necessarily

There are no eyes on me….and

Still I rise? Nope……I’m sitting down

This poem does not depend

On the red wheelbarrow

This poem is not at a station at the metro

Nor, is it going to be a Cantos

There will be no singing of the body electric!

No bee buzzing

And no bird chirping

Is going to happen here

This poem will kick

Out any attempt of alluding…

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