Incompetent Coyne sending emails to non-Unite member – in Costa Rica


As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Unite challenger Gerard Coyne’s claim on BBC national radio that his use of Labour Party data – a clear breach of the DPA (Data Protection Act) – had ‘concluded’ was patently false. Emails were still being sent yesterday – and more have been sent today, a full week after his claim.

However, Coyne had still further to sink – and in doing so, he’s killed one possibility that some were trying to float to mitigate Labour HQ’s part in the breach (although in fact it would only have meant multiplying the number of breaches).

One of the people first identified by this blog as receiving illegal emails from the Coyne campaign was Andy Whiteman. Like the others who have been receiving Coyne’s emails because their Labour membership data was illegally released, Andy has never been a member of Unite.

He has received Coyne’s emails throughout…

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