Left ‘slate’ sweeps nominations for CAC/NCC – at Akehurst’s CLP


akehurstHow Luke Akehurst may have looked last night

Last month, Luke Akehurst’s Labour First (LF) put out a call to its mailing list to vote for right-wing candidates for the two positions up for grabs on each of two vital committees: the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) and National Constitutional Committee (NCC):

lf ncc cac.pngThe NCC deals primarily with disciplinary matters (an area in which Labour currently has serious problems) and the CAC controls the agenda for Labour’s national Conference each year – unglamorous-sounding but extremely important.

Akehurst – rightly – recognises the importance of these positions to Labour’s direction and is furiously organising – along with his employed ‘organiser’, Matt Pound – to try to win these positions for the right-wing faction.


Also last month, Akehurst’s own CLP – Oxford East – voted on which candidates to support would get its supporting nomination: Akehurst’s ‘slate’ as its known – or the

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