Reporter refs Business Insider to this blog. Next day, BI produces very similar article


Yesterday on Twitter, the Senior Reporter for IB Times responded to a tweet from a Business Insider reporter with a mention of this blog:

silvera ibtimes

Mr Silvera appears to have been attempting a dig at the SKWAWKBOX for an article last week that looked at some ‘minor MSM-ers’ having an echo-chamber session about being mentioned by this blog. The Business Insider reporter appears to be an innocent bystander in the exchange, but it’s worth noting his name.

Mr Silvera wasn’t finished. His follow-up tweet looks like a poor attempt to dismiss the SKWAWKBOX’s content as conspiracy theories:

silvera ibtimes 2.jpgWhich, of course, ignores both how much referenced evidence this blog provides and the fact that the mainstream media often end up playing catch-up.

Speaking of which…

Today, Business Insider published a story on the attempts by Labour right-wingers to use this year’s Labour Conference in Brighton to block left-wing candidates from even…

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