So, back to ‘clickbait’: ConHome editor tries to school SKWAWKBOX reader. Fails


There was an amusing exchange this afternoon between a SKWAWKBOX reader and Mark Wallace, Executive Editor of Conservative Home.

Mr Wallace had accused the SKWAWKBOX of being ‘clickbait’ and, after this blog responded by pointing out that there is no advertising on this site and therefore no click-driven revenue, which is a defining characteristic of ‘clickbait’ sites, reader @Cornish_Damo tweeted this to Wallace to point out his error.

Mr Wallace’s reaction was to fight rather than admit he was off the mark:

wallace cb 1wallace cb 2

LMAO – you genuinely don’t know what clickbait is, do you?
– Mark Wallace 11 Apr 2017

You can almost hear his eyes rolling. Let’s see what various sources say ‘clickbait’ is:


Clickbait is a pejorative term describing web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy

Farlex FreeDictionary

cb farlex.jpgCollins English Dictionary

cb collins.jpg


cb gp.jpg

And so on. You…

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