Big Sibling

Flammeus Gladius

Big Sibling

(for Wesley Smith)

If I could call the silverback my brother,
How proud I’d be, how truly thrilled I’d be!
Such a big sibling, more than any other,
Would terrify most every enemy
Here on the human playground. Punks would see
Him coming and exclaim: “Help! Riley’s bro
Is more than we can handle! Time to flee!
We stand no chance against so buff a foe!”
I’d smile and cross my arms and watch the show
As G. Gorilla Riley cleaned the clocks
Of those who foully sought to bring me low.
“My brother wins!” I’d cry. “My brother rocks!”
There is a problem, though, that must be stated:
The silverback can’t see that we’re related.

–Tom Riley

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