Great Switch

Flammeus Gladius

The Great Switch

Mr. Shea, I shall not shit a shitter.
There was no Great Switch, sir. Don’t be bitter.
Telling truth lends true glory.
I deny, too, the story
That, in private life, you’re a switch-hitter.

–Tom Riley

(A note in prose:

Responding to the Gateway Pundit, professional idiot Mark Shea repeats the old lie that Democrat senators who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 all became Republicans shortly thereafter. This imaginary mass conversion of Southern racists is sometimes referred to as the Great Switch.

Here’s a list of Democrat senators who voted against the Civil Rights Act:

1. Joseph Hill
2. John Sparkman
3. James Fulbright
4. John McClellan
5. Spessard Holland
6. George Smathers
7. Richard Russell
8. Herman Talmadge
9. Allen Ellender
10. Russell Long
11. James Eastland
12. John Stennis
13. Sam Ervin
14. Benjamin Jordan
15. Olin Johnson
16. Strom Thurmond
17. Albert…

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