Hate Spaces and the Social Justice Warrior

Bogus Times

On college campuses throughout America, social justice has been the prevailing sentiment and social justice warriors have been organizing and shutting down perceived injustices threatening their campuses at a record pace. From New York to California, injustices are fought tooth and nail at top universities, Ivy League schools and junior colleges alike. College students have no tolerance for injustice.

Of course, this is one of the biggest deceptions today on college campuses throughout this nation.

College students are the face of hatred and vengeful animosity when it comes to groups they deem evil or inferior, such as Republicans and Israelis. Acts of violence on college campuses by protesting students has become the norm when views they disagree with threaten to be unleashed in their safe college spaces. Just recently, a horde of angry protestors shut down a pro-police speech at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California given by Heather MacDonald, a Manhattan…

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