MOAB Attack is Trump’s Message to North Korea’s Kim Jong UN

Fakestream Fighters

The United States dropped the “world’s largest non-nuclear bomb” in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, against a series of mountainous caves used by ISIS militants as shown in this video. Also known as (MOAB),  “mother of all bombs,” the GBU-43 is a 21,600 pound GPS-guided munition that has a 1 mile blast radius. The giant bomb was dropped from an MC-130 aircraft in the Achin district of Nangarhar province.

While the MOAB easily destroyed important ISIS strongholds on the Pakistan border, it was certainly overkill and meant to send a deeper message to the world and specifically to North Korea. The MOAB was designed to destroy underground nuclear facilities and was first tested in March 2003, but has never been used in combat until now. The bomb was dropped as the USS Carl Vinson Naval carrier attack group positions itself on the Korean peninsula, just as North Korea’s biggest national holiday…

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