Trigger warning: Today, all of it

Mental Health Safe Space

By Rachel Eisen

I was writing a completely different story for this blog post when it happened.

Car trouble.

As anyone with depression and anxiety can tell you, there are always things that trigger you: the things that no matter what, no matter how big or how small, set you off. For me, for the past few years, one of my strongest triggers has been car trouble.

So it’s a Sunday morning when, in the freezing cold weather, my trunk latch jams. The trunk won’t close, I’m 30 miles from home, and I start to feel the triggers going off.

rachel-croppedI think car trouble began to trigger me after my senior year of college when I got into a pretty serious car accident. I didn’t see an oncoming car and turned left, getting T-boned in the process. No one was hurt too badly, but airbags went off, doors were crushed, and…

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