#94 Awkward – ‘Saying Goodbye’


I’ve never been good with goodbyes, I noticed this going into my early twenties. It was obvious. The party is going great, the music is good and the company is fabulous, but eventually I will want to go home. And that is exactly what I will do. I grab my things and sneak out when people are distracted or looking the other way. Very much like the Kansas City shuffle scene in Lucky Number Slevin, and by ‘very much like’, I mean not at all like that. I didn’t break anyones neck, but ideally they would be distracted in someway so I could leave without a fuss.

When I worked at the headquarters of a large bank, I decided that money grabbing immorality was not my favourite activity to do, and rather quickly decided to leave. Obviously, being such a difficult employee to replace, I legally had to give them 4…

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