Another day, another SocJus Ritual

Shadow To Light

It’s in a different country (Canada), at a different university (McMaster Univerisity), and involves a different speaker (psychologist Jordan Peterson).  Here is Peterson’s description from YouTube:

All this video from the “panel discussion” at McMaster University Friday March 17th 2017. Three other panel members dropped out because of controversy and harassment. Then the moderator also dropped out. Overcome The Gap (OTG), the McMaster club who hosted me went forward courageously with the talk, despite experiencing substantial pressure to cancel. They did their best to regulate the event, but the protestors entered the room before the event technically started.

The video opens with protestors chanting their various chants. Then, for about 45 minutes, I try to speak inside the venue. The fire marshalls have to close the talk because the protestors won’t leave, and are blocking the fire exits. So we go outside, where I spoke for about 40 more minutes…

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