Hiring Social Justice Snowflakes

run time 4:47 seconds of hilarity – explicit language

sjw-beverageRelated: Famed Military Academy, Giving Cadets Coloring Books for Stress.

Related: Universities provide puppies, massages to ease exam stress.

Related: Millennials outraged over TV show portraying millennials as outraged.

Related: Modern Education in Pictures (imagine if White was replaced with Black).

Related: High School Bans the Color White.

Related: Now, evenfood is racist.

Related: Boy Sent Home From School for Having a Boy’s Haircut.

Related: US Naval Academy to holdSAFE SPACE training called ‘TRANSGENDER 101.’

Related: ‘Gender Identity’ Guide Book For 3-Year-Olds Due Out for Christmas.

Related: Can I Identify As A Billionaire?

sjw-keyboardSave the Snowflakes is a special project of the Media Research Center with the aim of bringing attention and providing support to precious snowflakes across America, whose feelings continue to be hurt by conservative rhetoric, social triggers, disagreeable…

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