March for Science Further Marginalizes New Atheism

Shadow To Light

If you needed any further evidence that the “religion and science are incompatible” position of the New Atheists is a fringe belief, consider that the March for Science’s first official blog posting rejects it:

The War on Science is partly fueled by deepening divisions over class, education, religion, and urban vs. rural lifestyles. This is all part of the larger Culture War we see in the country today, and its flames are being fanned by politicians and media icons who are trying to divide us.

Don’t fall for it.

To focus on these false divisions is to get bogged down in fights over things like creationism versus evolution, faith versus science, and our different views about our place in the universe.

Rather than magnifying these existential differences, science supporters would be wise to find common ground with people of faith. Scientists have more in common with value-driven communities than most…

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