Mental Illness & Social Class

Insipid Missives

Response to:
Ann Vander Stoep & Bruce Link: “Social Class, Ethnicity, And Mental Illness: The Importance Of Being More Than Earnest”

I love this article because it proved something I’ve thought for an awful long time–that the Irish are, in fact, more sane than Americans, as opposed to the common myth of it being the other way around.

“Massachusetts in the mid[-]19th century was regarded as a beacon of intellectual pursuit and social reform” (8). This kind of sad. I’ve long since been a fan of this particular period. (And have a bit of personal pride in it, since I’m from New England and some of those involved in the so-called “intellectual revolution” could very well have been ancestors of mine, those who weren’t busy colonizing (the WASPs) or drinking (the Irish), that is.) I wonder what Ralph Waldo Emerson or Henry David Thoreau thought of all this nonsense. One…

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