murky waters

A Writer's Soul

Some many things I would say to you if only you knew,
Words with hard backbones, an attitude of pure incompetence,
But this is neither the time nor place to speak such hateful things,
Though the words drip from your mouth, vile and vulgar as the actions behind them.
So as we dance around it, dragging everyone down in the whirlpool,
Let us try to remember why we started this war, because,
A war fought with careless ammunition will always create casualties.

So smile pretty for the cameras as the bombs blow up the night sky,
And clasp our hands together as we sink down into the murky waters.
So when the flowers die and the ashes settle,
Maybe once again we can come to a peace treaty,
But for now, the shrapnel blinds us to the cause,
And we find ourselves thrown into battle once more,
Lets hope for…

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