Reveries from the past

Rishav K Singh

“What do you want El?”

“Peace! It’s is all I want! I just want to stop all this!”

“You can’t go on killing people on one hand, and expect them to excuse you! Can you?”

“You’re mistaken, my friend! Giving up is not my way of earning peace.”

“Then how do you expect to get it? By destroying everything? Or forcing peace?

“You’re right to some extent. War, is the only thing that can ensure a long ending peace. You have to suppress everyone who could challenge you, before calling truce.”

“Ha! And, here, I thought you had a change of heart! That you were here to surrender! Do you know what I think about it? About this unnecessary violence?”

“That I started all this ?”

“Exactly! You’re the reason for all this destruction! You resorted to violence first, so you should initiate it’s end!”

“I started all this? Wow!…

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