Social Justice Warrior Epitome

Fatuous Social Justice

Connoisseur’s of hatred andtriggery. The liberal lunacy now extends into daily commute – “Man-Spreading”

 The  Blight  Of …  MAN – SPREADING  And Male Privilege

Racist Arrests For …… MAN-SPREADING

Robert Gangi, Director of Police Reform Organizing Project, (No Bias There) states: “We think it’s driven by a quota system. There is almost no other rational explanation for why the cops would conduct this kind of arrest unless they are under pressure to meet certain numbers, to meet with their productivity goals,” Gangi toldRT’sMaria Portnaya.

Ooops !!

Is Your  “White Privilege” Permitting You To Disagree With Social Justice Empowerment? Soon Enough, It Wont Matter.

Social Justice Free Speech

Trigger is to “trigger” an emotional and/or verbal outburst resulting in hand wringing, hysteria, and anxiety attacks requiring the sanctuary of a “safe space.”

Woman in HorrorNote: *Screams were apparently added in later…

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