Stories en route: A #snailmail project

The Scrawlyst

There are practically three people in my life who had ever written letters to me. Today I add another one to that list, only this time he wasn’t my grandfather or my lover or my closest friend – he was a stranger. Initially, I admit to thinking he was just making me a part of a short-lived letter-writing craze. I thought I’d be getting a template letter that he’d be sending to dozen others who has signed up for his little project. How mistaken I was I only realised upon receiving his post.

I am an email, text messages and tweets person but nothing replaces the joy of reading hand-written letters; the ink imprinted upon that page, the words chosen and inscribed were solely and specially for me, even when the writer didn’t know a thing about me. There was this childlike excitement that I believed to be long extinct…

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