Mr Buffy Devane

Phew... and what an April it is. Don't get me wrong; things are nowhere near as bad as they were in January-February, but that's not to say they're fabulous. Far from it, indeed. My mind is ever-fuzzy, and the anxiety comes in waves; none of this being helped by my ongoing task of the week. A lot of my everyday life consists of emails and communications, but at the moment I'm trudging my way thru a complete proofread of an 88,OOO-word manuscript. The thing about such extensive proofreading is that I end up temporarily going what I often call "text-blind"... words themselves cease to have proper meaning, chunks of text just go blurry in my mind, and I get fed up of "words". The worst part of this? I've lost most of what I like to call my creativity. Proofreading really crushes the creative spirit. I know it won't last forever…

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