The Social Justice Movement and Christians: A Comparison

Shadow To Light

We have seen how SocJus, an secular religion, behaves when they become aware of dissenting views being expressed in their midst (here and here).  Let’s compare their behavior to how Christians have behaved in a similar setting.

The year is 2006.  Richard Dawkins had just published his book, The God Delusion and received all sorts of media attention as it became a best seller.  From the Christian perspective, the book is offensive.   Dawkins’ interpretation of God and scripture is, shall we say, not all that charitable.  What’s more, the title of the book itself labels Christians (and other theists) as mentally ill – suffering from a delusion.  And even worse, Dawkins has a chapter in the book arguing that it is better for a child to be sexually molested than raised as a Catholic.  He even approvingly quotes a friend in academia who argues that the one place…

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